Wii on TV

Back in the US I was always surprised how lack luster the coverage was on E3. Before G4 it seemed like even the show’s big announcements would never be covered on television, and even then G4 is not publicly available. Even living in LA there was never any real coverage even though it’s such a huge local event. In Japan however, it was no surprise to find a fairly in depth report of E3’s big announcements on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) tonight during their six-thirty news round up. Even though they discussed the PS3 and XBox 360 briefly, it was clear that the reports focus was on the Wii. The channel even scored a quick interview with Satoru Iwata about Nintendo’s intentions in releasing the Wii and showed a clip of it during their report. Random American’s and Japanese people attending the show were also asked for their opinion on the Wii, and the best was of course the video of Wii Sport’s tennis game bridging the cultural gap as an American spokesperson instructed a Japanese speaker how to play the game.