Who’s better?

While we know which one revolutionized gaming, which plumber do you reach for the most when playing Mario Party or Mario Sports? Mario or Luigi?


  1. The portly one in red. (But I really like Wario better!)

  2. Funny no one else responded.

    I go for the underdog, Luigi, especially in SSBM (cuz using him is like taunting my opponents right off the bat and beating them with him feels better).

  3. While I am a fan of both plumbers, it is Luigi that most often gets my endorsement in Mario Sports games. I think it is solely because of his little dance on the character selection screen of Toadstool Tour.

  4. It’s Luigi every time. Is there anyone who actually picks Mario?

  5. I choose Luigi

  6. I usually play as Luigi. I’m pretty tall, so I can relate.

  7. Mario Golf is the only one I play, and ya, I grab Luigi. He’s much better than the fat guy 🙂

  8. Luigi, always Luigi! I haven’t picked Mario for anything since Luigi dominated his powers so neatly in Super Smash Bros. for the N64.

  9. Mario all the way.
    Luigi is good for some things that are difficult for mario to do though…
    I consider Luigi as a “power-up” for Mario.

  10. Is waluigi a plumber? He’s the evil plumber that charges too much right?

    If he’s not, the I’d have to say luigi. I prefer the color green.

  11. My name is Mario, so you can probably take a stab at who I usually am.

  12. Funny everyone thought they were the first to post.^_^

    I have to follow suit here, i always related to and empathized more with Luigi, being the 2nd fiddle. Plus, in the 2D games he had the bigger advantages. Mario was always fast, but Luigi had tweaked moves. Been liking Mario more lately, though. He’s the man in Kart.

  13. i think Mario is better because he as better accuracy, traction, and i noticed when playing games he can run faster. Luigi’s just the second player. Mario all the way!

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