Konami drops price of Dewy’s Adventure

dewydrop.JPGWhile perusing through the Wii section at a local Wal-Mart, I happened to stumble across a very compelling deal.

Dewy’s Adventure has been dropped to $20.

Produced by Shingo Mukaitoge of Elebits fame, the game released in North America last September to a luke warm critical reception. Most criticisms stemmed from the game’s finicky controls and unbearable presentation.

But don’t be fooled by the nauseating cuteness of Dewy’s Adventure. Beneath its sugar-coated exterior lies a surprisingly challenging and well-designed platformer with a strenuous ranking system, beautiful visuals, lots of unlockables, and a custom level editor with which players can create their own stages and send them to friends via WiiConnect24. Best of all, it is an original, exclusive Wii effort.

At its reduced price, especially, the game is worth every penny.