Where do you live?

To all the Infendo readers, where do you live? We’ve got readers from all over the globe, but now’s your chance to shout it out loud. You don’t need to give us your address. Just wondering what country and city you hail from. Put it in the comments. Thanks.


  1. Los Angeles, CA
    Temple Street

  2. Daytona Beach, Florida

    (Rain-drenched and hot as hell.)

  3. c-ville, virginia

  4. Monrtreal, Quebec… CANADA!!! YAHHHHHHH

  5. Funny question. I live in a small town near Johnson City, TN, where the Link+Shopping video was filmed.

  6. Syracuse, NY 🙂

  7. i live in a little place called… uniontown pennsylvania 😉

  8. I think you can tell where everybody is from via the sitemeter.

    Las Vegas, Nevada

  9. Cuautitlan Izcalli, México!!!!!!

    I bet you can’t pronounce that!!!!

  10. Oswego, NY
    Hey, I’m not too far away from fireemblem54 =P

  11. greensboro, NC

  12. tijuana, baja california

    mexico xD

  13. gütersloh, germany 🙂

    (blogging as well: http://www.fabianhemmert.de)

  14. Jersey shore

  15. Chicago ILLINOIS

  16. I am from the caribbean

    Puerto Rico to be exact :p

  17. Provo Utah

  18. Akron, OH. Home of blimps and Devo.

  19. Central America, GUATEMALA.

  20. Puebla, Mexico! 😀

  21. Yacolt, Washington

  22. Sydney, Australia

  23. Wellington, New Zealand.

  24. Mobile, Alabama

  25. chattanooga, TN.


  26. New Plymouth, New Zealand.

  27. I love the mix!

    Manhattan up in dis mug.

  28. Fresno, California

  29. WA, you don’t need to know the city. 😛

  30. Cali, Colombia

    keep the good work.

  31. Boston, Massachusetts

  32. Melboune,Australia

  33. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – ya hoser!

    Go Oilers!

  34. western australia

  35. Nagasaki, Japan

    Nintendo girl… I bet you are from Redmond or Bellevue! Just a guess.

  36. The Hague, The Netherlands!=D

  37. Yucaipa, CA

    10 miles east of civilization, 20 miles west of BFE.

  38. USC, Fight on!

  39. Ruda Slaska, Poland.

    That’s all 🙂

  40. Tampa, Florida

  41. Rawbiz


  42. regina, saskatchewan, canada


  43. Sydney, Australia (wow, quite a few Australians on here).

    Btw I voted other in your newest poll, Nintendo’s biggest mistake has to be abandoning the contract with Sony to create the CD SNES.

  44. Tokyo, Japan! Loving life! Revolution soon! (??????????

  45. heptonstall, yorkshire, england (dc) website best bar none

  46. Wales, UK

  47. Stockholm, Sweden

  48. Rostock, Germany! :)Nice town near the Baltic Sea.

  49. Valencia, España(Spain)

  50. I live in the Philippines, and I think I and my friend are the only standing Nintendo suuporters. The other gamers’ they are bunch of Sony noobs. Once they saw the PSP, they thought it will be the gameboy killer, but the opposite happened. Today, Nintendo is starting dominate our country again like the NES era. It’s all thanks to Miyamoto with his unique ideas!

  51. I love Nintendo … I hate that Nintendo never released their products here in India

  52. I live in the Philippines too 😛 i started off on Sega (Genesis), then moved to Nintendo, a GBC was first, then an N64, then a GameCube, and now a DS 😛 in school, I’ve seen one person with a DS and one with a PSP, which makes 2 DSes and 1 PSP.

    BTW, I used to live in Syracuse, NY, like fireemblem54 does now 😛

  53. Paris, France !

  54. Canary Islands , Spain

    West coast of africa. The canary birds come from here

  55. Romania , Eastern Europe
    You know , Dracula & stuff 😀

  56. Boston, Mass.

  57. Montreal, Canada


  58. Orlando, FL
    Great site by the way….once a Nintendo fan, always a Nintendo fan!

  59. Argentina, Rosario

  60. The Bronx,NYC yeeeh baby
    big up to all nintendo fans
    play in our demination

  61. Brazil, São Paulo city.

  62. new york city (get a rope)

  63. Porto Alegre – Brazil
    Waiting for a revolution!

  64. Lond,UK

  65. Brooklyn, New York representin’
    Nice site!

  66. Washington, DC

    p.s. do i need to set up a blogger’s acct, complete with url, to have a name when i post on this site?

  67. Denial

  68. from brazil
    santa catarina. south of brazil..

  69. Toronto, Ontario


  70. Small village near Emden, Germany.
    In the middle of nowhere…

    Go Kickers Go! well…er…yeah sorta 😉

  71. Kings’ Lynn, England

  72. Porto Alegre, Brazil

  73. Barcelona, Catalonia

  74. I really love this worldwide mix of ppl man. It’s heartwarming. We must all get together on WiFi for real. Lots more NYC peeps than i thought, too!

    And all you guys under anonimity need to get names!

  75. Mexico City!

    It´s nice to see that i´m not the only latinamerican reader 😛

  76. Essex, England, UK- i wish nintendo could do better here 🙁

  77. Don’t worry, Tism. They’re getting better with u guys.

    Hey i’m latin american too!

  78. The Big Apple, NYC. I won’t be hitting Digital Life but my sister, her boyfriend and our cousin will!

  79. Near the Guggenheim museum of Bilbao, Spain ^^

  80. Anderson, South Carolina In the United States of America

  81. Santiago, Chile ;D

  82. chicago, IL!

  83. Manhattan, New York, New York, NY, New York

  84. LOUISVILLE BABY!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Brazil, São Paulo, Santos city.

  86. The Great North: Canada
    Burnaby, British Columbia

  87. I agree with the Mari Kart WiFi idea. It’d be interesting to see how the countries of the world stacked up in terms of Mario Kart.

    If the A-1 GP is anything to go by, it’ll be we Kiwis, even with the Aussies at #2, just behind Brazil 🙂

  88. Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia, Southamerica

  89. New York City is ruling it right now! Btw, if any of u r going to be at Digital Life Sat and or Sunday, look for some massive hair and u’ll find me. Heads up.

    Keep it coming, everybody.

  90. Michigan here, and wow just amazing at the spread of folks.

  91. Porto, Portugal

  92. Birmingham, England.

  93. France, near Paris

  94. Currently living in: Guadalajara, Mexico


  95. Kuwait…
    living in Orange County, California, temporarily.

  96. UAE here!

  97. hercules, CALIFORNIA, USA!!!

  98. Lecce, Italy

  99. Helsinki & Vantaa, Finland

  100. Austria, near Wels (Upper Austria) 😛
    greets from the heart of Europe!!!

  101. Fagersta (my hometown with a population of about 12 000 The Hives hometown if you’ve heard their music), Sweden (Europe) Thank you for a good site!

  102. MrHaze
    from Italy
    keep it up the good work!

  103. Representing Hong Kong

  104. Washington, DC
    Originally from Paris, France…

  105. Brisbane, QLD

  106. Born: Kitchener, Canada
    Grew Up: Christchurch, New Zealand
    Currently Living: Taipei, Taiwan

  107. Wellsville,Utah,US

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