Controller Mockup v. 167

Pick this one apart for us…


  1. looks like you could float around in water with that thing! Hey I got it the revolution is that we play video games when we are in some sort of liquid!

    I know the Revolution will project a hologram into a vat of good that you immerse yourself in and the floating controller, controls your buoyancy and you can jump really really high or sink like a rock.

    Oh and you are required to take scuba lessons before playing lol

  2. I doubt this one was even put forward with the intention of being considered a legitimate design.

    It’s horrible! That’s about as far as I’m prepared to go in terms of picking it apart!

  3. That’s worse than the PS3 boomerang.

  4. Yeah, looks too simple and boring….
    The strange thing in the middle reminds me of the 360s X….

  5. Meh…Looks too much like a mix of the GC and Xbox controller.

  6. it doesn’t look real besides there are only a few buttons it looks way to simple and way to plain i would suiside if those were real rev controllers

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