Review: DK Country 3 (GBA)

[Infendo writer FireEmblem54 gets his hands on an advance copy of DK Country 3 for the GBA. Here’s his full review, a tad early like the big boys. Available November 7, 2005.]

Most side-scrollers aren’t known for their stories, but a good one usually helps hold a game together. As a gamer, when one buys DK, he or she isn’t expecting a prolific story- which in this case is good, because there’s none to be found. Throughout the decent length game, very little time goes into the development of the story. However, due to the makeup of the game, very little depends on it.

Gameplay is where DKC3 shines. The side scrolling, barrel chucking, fast paced, action makes for an enjoyable base presentation. With plenty of levels, each different from the last, the game hooks you easily. The remake has even added a whole new world, Pacifica, adding to the length. The boss battles, though some are fairly simple, are some of the best on the GBA. Minigames are scattered throughout, ranging from racing, to boat chases, to using a shield to deflect projectiles. Overall, the gameplay is addictive, easy to learn, and very, very fun.

The graphical jump to 3D for the game comes out ok, but not great. It’s fairly fuzzy, but for a GBA game, it’s far from horrible. When it comes down to it, DKC3 is above average in the graphics department, but not too far above. The sound, however, is one of the best parts of the game as the gamer will often find his or herself tapping along to the catchy beats.

DKC3 had potential to be a phenomenal addition to the GBA’s library. Instead, it ended up in the middle of the pack. Diehard DK fans’ll want to add this to their collection, if just for the new additions. However, everyone else should use their own preferences to make the call on this one.

Overall: 7.5/10