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What’s your favorite Thanksgiving memory?


Could be related to gaming or not. Let’s hear it!


  1. Every dinner. Hah

    Happy Thanksgiving Infendo staff and readers.

  2. It’s a shame, in the UK we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

  3. I’m a Cowboys fan so pretty much every Thanksgiving that Dallas wins! But I have to say it was one year when we played Madden ’93 with the matchup in the real game and I beat my brother in the SNES game and in the real game.

  4. Intellivision Horse Racing and SNAFU with cousins. King Kong, Son of Kong and Mighty Joe Young on WOR, then Godzilla marathons the next day on WPIX. Those were great days!

  5. I can’t wait to see what shenanigans Tortimer is up to.

  6. really just playing super smash with a bunch a guys. they are all really good so its allot of fun. also exited to see my brother from college

  7. Im in Canada. We celebrated thanks giving a month ago. 🙂

  8. I remember Thanksgibing at my grandparetn’s house, I was only 11 or so at the time. My cousins Cliff had an NES. He and I are very close. Anyways, I did not have an NES at the imte, I was stuck in the boirng sad atari days.

    He called me the week before Thanksiving and told me h coudl bring his NES, Super Mario Bros, Zelda, adn Punch-Out, and Pro Wrestling. He adn I had a blast all day liong playing games and he actually introduced me to Zelda!!

    After stuffing ourselves with turkey adn all the trimmmings, we played some more and worked it all off with the power pad and world class track meet!!

    when he had to leave, I was all doom and gloom, but had the greatest day of my life with both family and the NES!! I got my NES a couple months later on my birthday!

    Awesome times!!:)

  9. Getting a whole drumstick yourself. Mmmm….delicious memories.

  10. I got everyone in the family to play Wii.
    We all had fun.

    … ah… everyone was smiling, not having a care in the world. 🙂

    The food? The food is the same every Thanksgiving for me: Lots of it. Lots of awesome food.
    But food isn’t that high in my memory as events are.

    And when everyone’s smiling and having fun: It’s better than food for me.

  11. Every year, when we still went to my aunt and uncle’s for Thanksgiving, I would go down to the basement and play their old SNES when everyone finished eating. I have especially fond memories of one year when my nephew and I (he’s actually only a couple years younger than me,) went down there and played Mario World.
    I also have delicious memories of my aunt’s chicken and noodles. Ahh, memories.

  12. Getting up early to watch Macy’s parade with my wife and kids is a most, although i’m mad because they have Pokemon characters but not Mario & Luigi.

  13. I’m from Europe. We don’t celebrate thanksgiving.