What Nintendo purchase do you regret most?

I’m sure I got burned in the 8, 16, and 32-bit days. But the one Nintendo game I most regret buying was Star Fox Adventures Assault for GameCube. Before plopping down for it, I hadn’t bought a Star Fox game game since the original gangster version for SNES. I thought it would similarly be fun. It wasn’t. It sucked. It was obviously intended for a much younger audience. $50’gon...

Zelda 3D remake launched today. What do you think?

Is it everything you dreamed it would be? Not as good as playing an all-new Zelda? A little overhyped? Tell us, Infendo!

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

Could be related to gaming or not. Let’s hear it!

What game do you most regret buying?

Me? Star Fox Adventures. That game sucked. I don’t know what I was thinking. What about you?

Pop quiz: What was the last Zelda game Miyamoto directed?

And by “directed,” I mean design and/or wrote. Not just “produced,” the oversight role he’s assumed of late. So, what is it?

What’s on your gamer mind today?

Good day, readers. Is there anything you’d like to discuss with the group at this time? Something on your mind? Could be video game related or just good ole fashioned life related. Rant, rave, whatever. Speak up!

Discussion: What’s the longest you’ve ever paused a game?

Game blog Kotaku asked an interesting question yesterday: “What’s the longest you’ve ever left a game on pause?” I’m pretty sure I left Castlevania on for a good 24 hours one time in the NES days. But with so many save points these days, I haven’t paused a game for more than a few minutes in decades. What about you?

Discussion: What’s on your gamer mind?

We usually initiate all the discussion round here. Great for us. Not so great for you. But today… today it’s your turn, kind reader. So tell us, what’s on your Nintendo gaming mind? New game you’ve been playing? Have a rant? Have a rave? The mic is yours.