What will happen with Bob’s Game?


Bobs Game

As a lot of you know, Bob’s game is an indie game that was proclaimed to be the first Nintendo DSi title. After a lot of Internet drama about obtaining the official Nintendo SDK for the DS and supposed attacks on Nintendo, it was clear that it was nothing more than an amazing self promoting public relation stunt by the creator. With nothing more than a flash cart demo to show for his one hundred day website protest, it seems like nothing official was going to come from it.

It’s been a long time since we mentioned Bob and his game… but his website has a release stated for tomorrow. So if anyone is really interested in the game be sure to check the website tomorrow at 9:09pm.

[Visit Bob’s Game]
[thanks for the tip Ben, and gBev]

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  1. full release….epicness

  2. I’m looking forward to it. I wonder just what will happen.

  3. Ugh. You had to bring him back up. Bob’s Game is like THE Game. You’re supposed to go as long as possible without thinking about it, and when you do, you lose. By the way, you all just lost the Game.

  4. I for one hope he gets his game out one day, be it on the Iphone, the DS or DSi. That said, I don’t think this game is going to be released in 51 minutes from now. Maybe he’s going to give the ROM away and ask for donations? That’s all I can see happening tomorrow.

  5. Well, it reads “tonight” on the website, so think it’s 9:09 PM?

  6. Sheesh

  7. I’ve said it before, after all of the hype Bob’s game better be incredible. Personally I could care less if 1 person made it or 1,000,000 people, the game should stand on it’s own merits. I’ll be comparing it to Chrono Trigger/FFVI and we’ll see how good Bob’s game really is.

  8. @ Joe

    As will I; but I’m still reserving any judgment until I actually see the finished product (unlike some people around here who are willing to instantly discredit the game because of Robert’s viral advertising campaign (though I admit it wasn’t in the best taste)).

  9. iPhone? Hell with that, Bob. Bring your game to Android’s open-source market, where nothing can keep your application out, not even system-crippling bugs!!!

  10. lol it’s 9/10 and nothing happened.
    Other than the never-ending “ETA: 2 Hours”
    The Bob is a lie.