What Will Change?

How will the Revolution controller affect your favorite franchise? Be it Mario, Zelda, Metroid, or DK, it’s sure to spice’n up the interface scene and changes should be expected.

Although a lot of “conspiracy theorists” are saying Nintendo might play a trick-a-roo on us with Twilight Princess, I think it’s safe to say this game will be for the GameCube and it will use the traditional controller functionality. Don’t expect a lot of changes on this one but it should still be a blast regardless. (Remember: the game was playable at E3 using a GC controller, extremely unlikely they’d redo all that.)

So will you “be” link during the first Revolution installment of the game rather than just play him? Read some ideas over at Games First and let us know your thoughts.

[Source: Games First]


  1. WOW! What a READ! I had thought about the double remote (one sword, one shield) thing but I didn’t even think about the first person bow and arrow thing. Dear God – I must play one now. I don’t think it’s healthy wanting one so bad. Pardon my French but I would f****** DIE for one of these! The possibilities….. Oh man.

    This is too much!

    I WANT A F****** REVOLUTION!!!!!! NOW!

  2. Think about this, imagine the TV as a window to another world. Now what do you see when you look out a window and how do you look through it?

    Well by changing the position and angle of your head you see different angles and objects. This is what I think the other missing part to the revolution is.

    It’s not a visor, it’s an a head tracking device that uses the N-pointer’s sensors. It could sense tilt(viewing angle), depth(how far you are away from the TV/virtual window) and x and y position.

    So you wouldn’t need a camera control, thus your N-pointer would be seperate from your head sensor and analog movement.

    There are head tracking devices on the market now but they just track your head position in x and y coordinates.

    The key here is the TV Z-positioner device for the revolution plus the tilt sensors! No need for a visor it would be like looking into a window and the game’s camera is controlled by where your head is relative to the TV! Closer you see something closer to your depth of field, farther you see things in the distance blur but you see more.

    Yes there are problems with this but I feel this is what Nintendo’s next secret is!

  3. In this interview before the controller was announced, Miyamoto said, “This will be, without a doubt, the last Zelda game as you know it in its present form.”

    That seems to say that Twilight Princess will folow the Z-target model that we are familiar with, but that future Zelda’s on the revolution will use the drastically different freehand style. I would bet that they have already begun working on Zelda Revolution.

  4. If the next Zelda doesn’t simulate swordplay, I’ve got some developers to ruin.

  5. I’ve gotta see how it works first. I think if they could use the controller like that, it’d be great if nicely done, though LoZ MUST stay 3rd person.

    SSB is what I’m interested to see how they go about

  6. Interesting read, nice ideas 😀
    I agree with fireemblem, Zelda has to stay 3rd person and those creepy caves should not get tooo creepy, leave that to RE 😀
    That headtracking device is neat, but it would mean that you have to walk around in front of the TV and that’s not what most gamers want to do 😀
    Though it’d make a great add-on for the controller 😀

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