Nintendo Power — better or worse?

Nintendo Power quality issuesNintendo Power was a mag I read cover to cover back in the 90’s, but eventually my stacked subscriptions ran out (free Dragon Warrior with 2-year renewal? GET!) I stopped reading.

This isn’t to say it went away, not at all. It looked much different that I remembered it over the past eight years or so, but it was still a good source for biased, up to date Nintendo news and reviews.

Then Future Publishing rescued the magazine from going belly up last year and promised changes. Infendo reader thesmithsss filed a complaint with us today saying, quite frankly, those changes “suck.”

after reading the newest issue(Feb Issue), its easy to see the magazine is up to its old tricks pimping out terrible games like Destineer’s Summer Sports, and Konami’s Target Terror. Shame on them for trying to shovel more shovel-ware on the innocent gamers who don’t know any better.

Whats your take on this latest sham?

Indeed, Infendo, who amongst us reads Nintendo Power? What’s your take?