What we know so far about Metroid Prime 3 for Wii

Unless another portable edition is released first, the tenth game in the Metroid series will be released by the end of 2007. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, originally intended as a Wii launch title, is quickly becoming Wii’s first “push-back” title. Nintendo promises that the delays will make the game perfect. That said, let’s take an early look at what we know so far about Metroid Prime 3 and try to decide if it really will be worth the wait.

Point-n-shoot controls with the Wii remote: Could make the game appeal to players who dislike traditional console controls, but may potentially become a trainwreck if there is too much lag or if intuitiveness is lost.

Stackable beam: Gone will be the interchangeable beam of Prime 1 & 2 replaced by a system similar to that from Super Metroid.

Command Visor: Used to remotely control Samus’ ship for the first time in the Metroid series.

Multiplayer: Reportedly “not in the same context as Echoes,” which really could mean anything. The popularity of Metroid Prime Hunters on DS would lead us to believe that they will include online multiplayer.

New hunters: An early demo showcased assistance from another hunter. The developers say we will see even more new hunters in the finished product.

Phazon: Phazon and its effects will be a major focus of the game, including a Corruption Meter that allows Samus to enter a hyper-mode, giving her new abilities.

Full voice acting: A first in the Metroid series, helping to further immerse the player in a more cinematic experience.

Graphics “better than Halo 2”: GamePro claims the game looks far better than its GameCube predecessors.

So, that’s what we know so far. Will it be worth the wait? From what we’ve heard so far, what’s missing? Do you think the game will still be released by the end of 2007?