Iwata to Speak at Tokyo Game Show

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will make a speech at the Tokyo Game Show on September 16. This comes as a surprise due to previous news that stated the company would not attend.

Could this be where/when Nintendo finally unveils the Revolution in all it’s glory? Or will it be another teaser? I’m getting tired of using the word wait, but that’s all we seem to be doing around here.

[Source: IGN]


  1. Whoa interesting….
    I think it’ll be a teaser and about the GBM and DS online….
    I still think they’ll do a SpaceWorld.
    But on the other hand, they have to announce a SpaceWorld in advance and I don’t think they want to do it when the XBOX 360 comes out, too much risk, but then…if it works out, maybe they’re going to do it….ahhhh I’m beginning to go crazy 😀

  2. MICRO

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  4. sturek – a 2005 SpaceWorld is looking pretty unlikely.

    The event has traditionally been hosted in August (sometimes September). If there was to be a grand unveiling of Rev in a SpaceWorld show don’t you think Nintendo would have announced it by now?

    Personally, I think Rev will be fully playable at E3 2006 for an enventual retail release in the 2nd half of 2006 for Japan/US and March 2007 for Europe.

  5. Yeah that’s what made me think too…
    They can’t say “SpaceWorld’s tomorrow!”. But they said that we’d know everything by the end of the year, so they have to reveal it soon…
    Or….maybe they will give it to us slowly…interview after interview will reveal more and more….
    I just wanna know……
    07 for Europe O.o I don’t think and hope so…if they do that I’m going to sell my DS and get an XBOX…
    Seriously, they’d be behind several months. That’d be really bad…

  6. I had a dream he completely revealed the Revolution’s controller there — In my dream it looked just like a gamecube (no, not a gamecube controller.. an actual gamecume) and what made it revolutionary was this weird.. stick thing. That controlled the character on the screen in a really weird way. I remember playing a really fun (but difficult) mini came on Mario Party “Revolution” and it was pretty fun.

    But obviously this is just a dream! Haha and I’m hoping for somethign way better than that.

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