What It Can’t Do (w/out an extension)

Maybe the possibilities aren’t endless. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the new Revolution controller and think it’s a great step forward. But “free style” play might not benefit all games. Here’s what it might have a hard time promoting without an extension.

  • Soccer games – I loves me some FIFA, but not sure how that would work.
  • Basketball games – We’ll still probably need some extension action for these too.
  • Dance, Dance, Revolution! – Ironic huh?

Can you think of any other games or genres? Maybe I’m over looking something, but I can’t imagine not using two thumbs for FIFA.


  1. I don’t know, I think sports games could work. It would be radically different, yeah, but if it kept more focused on a single player at a time, as opposed to the team as a whole, then it’s certainly possible.

    Pretend you’re dribbling a soccer ball down the field and the camera is behind a certain player. I feel like it would be intuitive enough to wag the controller back and forth to play with the ball, and then flick it forward to pass it. The harder you flip it the harder the pass. Or maybe the standard dribbling is controlled by the analog stick attachment, and the controller is just used for looking around. Pivot it left, the player looks left, you see that part of the field. Swing the controller back and forth to scan the field, while dribbling with the other controller, and then flick the controller to pass it to someone. There might be a bit of a learning curve to how hard to flick it to make it go a certain distance, but hey, it’s soccer.

    Or basketball — screen behind a player. Make sideways figure eights with the controller and the player does crossover dribbles.

    Football — you’re running with the ball, tip the controller up quickly to hurdle an opponent (like the mario example in the promo video), flip the controller forward to dive.

    I don’t really know, sports games in general do seem like they would be hard to play. I’m pretty sure, though, that given enough time a creative company could come up with some intuitive control scheme that draws you in like never before! That, or we have to use the Gamecube controller… gosh, I hope it doesn’t end up that way, where all games just use the old-style controllers.

  2. I think you just gotta believe.

  3. Why fake feet movement with a hand controller? At least two handed play doesn’t mimick the mechanics behind soccer.



  5. I cant understad how people dont like the controller or understand it. its really simple and looks fun.It can play the new revolution games and the 3rd party games like madden,nba, nhl, fifa or whatever with ease. you see the four action buttons can be the d-pad (Up=X,left=Y,down=B,right=A),control with the analog stick having shoulder buttons,and the trigger at the bottom of the controller and the obvious “A” button.hmm that makes eight buttons just like the xbox and ps2 controllers since third party games are based on their controllers. what do you guys think?

    (hey i’ve linked to yuor site,hehe)

  6. Dance, Dance, Revolution, not Ironic at at all, it needs a dancce pad. I’m glad the rev control is not a dance pad.

  7. i think if you are to right an opinion based article you need to spell out HOW it wont work. Like list the possible angles one would/could take and then state reasons why this will not be better than the current setup.

  8. Ironic only in that they share the same name. I’m glad it’s not a dance pad too just trying to make a point. Note the use of “might” and I do think the current setup works: viva la extensions.

  9. i don’t think every single game will utilize the controller the same way. i would imagine a shell would convert it to a more ‘standard’ controller for an optional way to play. Let’s face it – some games don’t need this new technology. Like for a fighting game, until i see it, i can’t imagine playing soul calibur on the l’il remote control.

  10. Three. Simple. Words…



  11. I don’t believe that every game on the Revolution will be required to use the controller’s unique features. What’s wrong with just using the buttons/d-pad for control?

    As for DDR, of course it won’t work with DDR. Nothing will work for DDR except a dance pad. And trust me, I’ve tried playing games with a dance pad. No. Just…no.

  12. What about sports games where it will work real well: Golf, Baseball, Hockey, Badminton, Water Polo…

    Ok, I admit I just started naming sports at the end.

    Seriously, I think the point is that you can find a way to make it work. You just have to think about it. I hate the “use the shell” argument though. We haven’t even seen the shell. Plus, that’s kinda a cop out.

  13. I think if the new controller was capabile of enhancing every game you wouldn’t see extensions. Nintendo obviously thought that through and that’s why there will exist. I don’t think that’s a bad thing either.

  14. attaching the controller for your leg in fifa might work- kicking the bool, and have another controller with analog attacment to move

  15. If you’re talking about the wand alone, I’d say that it will be best for adventure games, RTS games, many RPGs, on-rails shooters, and any number of new genres that Nintendo invents to support it (cooking games, fencing games, a new Wario Ware, Mario Party).

    For most genres, I think “nunchaku”-style control will be necessary. Just as you wouldn’t use a mouse to control a platform game, you’re not going to use the Revolution’s motion-sensing functions to replace traditional analog stick movement.

    While I can think of many existing franchises that would be awkward to port, I can’t think of a single overall genre that couldn’t be adapted to the Revolution …and improved in the process.

  16. I can’t help but imagine golf. Standing there and swinging the controller like a club would be the best golf game ever created.

    And then there is Hockey! SLAPSHOTS!

  17. It’s going to be interesting, no doubt.
    We’ve been using two hand controllers for 20 years now.
    I would think that the “addon” would almost be required to play the legacy titles.
    How would you play the original Zelda with a controller like this?

    ~8bitwizard – Retro Gaming, Reviews, and beyond:

  18. I’m so exited to see what they have up their sleeve.
    I just hope, that there are at least some games that use the freehand in a unique way…

  19. besides, EA already has praised Nintendo for the controller. The first thing that comes to mind is selling modules for their sports games, which are their big bussiness. I don’t think they praise with harry potter in mind…

  20. I’m still worried about ditching me old way of playing. I’m happily welcoming the new way, but at the same time i’m afraid i’l loose the old way of using a controller. I’m also afraid of how i’l be using this controller to control some genres of games. I am however really looking forward to the sequel to luigi’s mansion.

  21. to all concerned about losing their old way of playing games, please stop fretting, they already have a shell for those who want the old way of play.

  22. I can’t see how they could use the remote without an attachment to do a fighting game, either. Maybe they could work SSB:M around it somehow, but I don’t see any type of Soul Calibur play with that.

  23. are people that narrow minded? You could’ve said many of the same things when there was a major shift from 2d to 3d.

    “I just can’t imagine how *blank* is gonna play in three dimesions. Won’t it be imprecise?”

    Obviously some genres will die out, but think of how many completely new genres we’ll gain! Look at how 3d changed previously existing genres:

    2d sidescroller vs. 3d adventure
    2d fighting vs. 3d fighting

    There are games on both sides that are enjoyable and entertaining, so don’t worry about the new scheme being boring or cumbersome.

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