What is your favorite review site?

Folks here at Infendo will occasionally write reviews, but what we really exist for are discussions. Your opinions are what have made this site amazing.

So where do you turn for your review needs? Let us know your favorite review site and why you like it!

41 Responses to What is your favorite review site?

  1. z-nut says:

    IGN and Nintendo Life.

  2. LegendofPaperZelda says:

    Folks will disagree with me, but I generally agree with IGN for Nintendo reviews.

  3. Artefacto says:

    Destructoid and IGN’s video reviews.

  4. Artefacto says:

    Right, why I like them… Destructoid for Jim Sterling (h8/10) and all the other editors who generally have very good taste in reviewing. IGN’s Nintendo side is actually not so bad and their video reviews are short, to the point, and with little or no trolling.

  5. Abdulla says:

    I know this is pretty obscure but tvandlust.net has great reviews but they don’t cover every single game. I think the IGN Nintendo team is generally good except when they have reviews focussing on the “length” or “how many hours it will last you” because I honestly couldn’t care less. Read their RE:M 3DS review they barely even talk about the game all she did was complain about how its not wirth the money.

  6. Brandon says:

    Once I stumbled upon Classic Game Room on Youtube, I have generally just watched those reviews.

  7. Metalwings says:

    IGN is good but rather unfair sometimes though, I tend to visit nintenderos.com or gametrailer for video reviews and opinions

  8. XCWarrior says:

    Nintendo Life is generally my number one for Nintendo stuff. They are fair and not anti-Nintendo like one of the greatest wastes of space on the internet, IGN.

    For PC games, I don’t have one I rely on, I go to gamerankings.com and started reading the mid-range reviews of a game, staying away from the highest and lowest reviews.

  9. NimH37 says:

    I usually build my own “Rotten Tomatoes” opinion from reading and considering the source of many different reviews… But I generally trust and agree with Nintendo Life. They’re thorough and honest, and the majority of their reviewers share my personal tastes for what makes a good game.

  10. The_old_man_In_the_cave says:


  11. link says:

    classic game room on youtube and ign

  12. Yellow Bear says:

    game informer, ign, you guys

  13. Gern says:

    The Classic Game Room at cgrempire.com. They review new and old games and are not biased agains Wii games. Too many of the bigger sites are biased against Wii games.

  14. Sam says:

    IGN and Nintendolife for me as well

  15. Sam says:

    oh yea…. and shacknews

  16. Skotski says:

    …see, are we choosing review sites that we agree with or review sites we just favor?

    I’ve yet to find a review site that agrees completely with me – and I don’t really seek to.
    I look at SEVERAL review sites and compare them with one another.

    For Nintendo related things, I often compare the differing Nintendo fan sites for a proper comparison (as they “get” Nintendo products, while other review sites are just waiting for another Call of Duty clone / God of War clone / indie game)…
    I compare: nintendolife, infendo, cubed3, joystiq nintendo (used to be wii fanboy), thebitblock, nintendoeverything, and gonintendo.

    It’s easy to know reviews from IGN, Gamespot, GT reviews, and etc: Their reviews are always held as comparisons by every site.

    But yes, I also watch CGR and CGRUndertow. ;P Not just for reviews, but for humor.

  17. Skotski says:

    Oh right, and often the most undersearched reviews: Amazon user reviews.
    I tend to like user reviews, I gravitate towards Amazon for that.

  18. Juja says:

    Honestly, I value Infendo’s reviews the most, and for a very good reason: I tend to agree with Infendo’s reviews. Sites like IGN and Gamespot seem to love 360 andPS3 games that I have zero interest in, yet they tend to score Nintendo games that I love really low. Those sites also don’t seem to love Professor Layton as much as I (and Infendo) do.

  19. Blaise says:

    The photo for this story reminds me of Pushmo.

  20. Mohan says:

    I usually just watch them on GameTrailers.com.

  21. deepthought says:

    gamespy whenever possible

    but now that they’re just pc, i take in a few reviews across the web for console games

  22. magnum says:

    Infendo, Classic Game Room, and theBitBlock hold the greatest weight for me concerning Nintendo. Plus, the user reviews on Amazon are generally a good litmus test for Nintendo games.

  23. electricfuture says:


    Seriously the best gaming site on the planet! and the best podcast!

  24. magnum says:

    I would also site Infendo Podcasts but they haven’t had one in OVER TWO MONTHS 🙁

  25. Ki says:

    Metacritic all the way, because it averages out all the fan boys and trolls. I can’t believe I was the first to mention it.

  26. Skotski says:

    Score ratings… awful way to judge games.
    One reviewer’s “6.0” is not the same as another reviewer’s “6.0”.
    One 5.0 can mean “average”, another average can mean “GAWD AWFUL”… the latter is an awful way to score something, as then what’s the point of “4.0, 3.0, 2.0, & 1.0”? Different degrees of suck? That’s awful.

    Metacritic has too much score-judgment… and for Nintendo, that’s a bad thing, considering that the main industry reviewers are biased AGAINST Nintendo these days.
    …that and not all review sites are taken into consideration…

  27. deepthought says:

    @ Skotski

    why do you think there is a reviewer bias and how is this difference than a reviewer preference?

  28. Lman says:

    Either destructoid or ign for me.

  29. monkat says:

    I go to Metacritic / Gamespot / Amazon for user-made reviews. These reviews will often (though certainly not always) be a little bit more honest, and more tailored to niche-market tastes like mine.

    In example, Otomedius Excellent currently holds a 47 critic rating on metacritic. The user score is 79. Personally, I would rate it at about an 80. Many professional reviewers don’t play a lot of shmups, and the critic reviews reflect that–there are complaints of difficulty and chaotic levels, mainstays of the genre (though the…over-the-top sexuality is certainly praised). The user reviews themselves are a little bit in inflated (a few perfect scores thrown around), but the rating itself is about right, because it’s being reviewed by anime-loving shmup fans–the people who would be wanting to look at the review anyway.

  30. Anan says:


  31. Nin3DS says:

    None of them. I just don’t tend to read reviews much, and when there’s a game I really think is good, I’ve never yet been wrong. I check random reviews out when I’m bored though, more for the writing than the score.

  32. Skotski says:

    There could be the idea that people don’t understand games on the Nintendo Wii, or it could be that they had an expectation against it.

    The preference is tilted against Nintendo by culture now, not just personal preference.
    Nintendo’s a big subject when it comes to the gaming industry – people pick sides, and it isn’t just about “Nintendo vs _____” arguments anymore, now it’s about business, marketing, and philosophical arguments nowadays.

    Hence, an immediate bias against Nintendo as a whole – judging it immediately with a negative aspect — as opposed to reviewer preference who simply likes certain styles of games.
    For instance, there are those who judge against a game for it just being bad or not their style – then there are those who judge against it almost immediately just because it has motion controls.

    ….for instance, judge Gamespot’s review on Skyward Sword as opposed to… well, every other reviewer out there.
    Something seems a bit “off” with their grade. It’s almost as if they were waiting to give it a negative score due to what it stood for – when all other reviewers honestly had no idea how in the world their score could have been downgraded that much on simple problems that wouldn’t even be noticed on other games.

    Bias and preference have a huge difference. Preference often feels personal, bias is almost pushing an opinion as if it were correct and should be followed.

  33. EdEN says:

    Nintendolife and PS3Blog.net. Joystiq every now and then as well.

  34. Oscar says:

    Gametrailers.com, I love their video reviews.

  35. M1yazaki says:

    Game Usagi, but they’ve been slow in the last while ’cause they’re adding things like achievement points and junk.

  36. Alexandre says:

    I saw a couple “GoNintendo”s in there, but definitely not enough! The guys at that site, especially RMC, have a really good understanding of video games and how reviews SHOULD be. They criticize numbered reviews, and with good reason! I tend to go to them if I want really good reviews. I love their site! Just listen to their second-newest podcast and see for yourself!

  37. Lots of places. Nintendo Life, CVG, occasionally IGN (though I don’t really like any of IGN’s coverage that much… It’s just because they’re big), occasionally Go Nintendo, occasionally Destructoid.

  38. Darkstar1141 says:

    My favorite used to be IGN. I noticed bias in their reviews of the HD consoles, but I hoped it wouldn’t apply to Nintendo. Worse happened. The review of the Pokemon HGSS games killed it for me when the reviewer based most of the rating off the Pokewalker add-on. He also failed to recognize that the remakes were bought and loved for being…remakes! Instead, he criticized the feelings that most people would recognize as nostalgia. So my skepticism for game review sites right now is high; everyone’s video game opinions and priorities are different.

  39. Austin says:

    Classic Game Room. I used to watch IGN, but got bored with the super serious tone of their reviews. Classic Game Room (and CGRundertow to an extent) are, as Derek said in his New Super Mario Bros. U review “is f**king unbelievable!” Check out http://www.CGRempire.com to watch their reviews. Plus, because of Mark and Derek’s review of the Super Color Volley X, I now play all old school game consoles. CGR is influential.

  40. Austin says:

    Never mind the broken URL. I have the site as a bookmark on my iPod.

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