What games will 3DS launch with?

If not Steeldiver, Pilot Wings, or Zelda 3D, what then? In terms of launch games, it kinda feels like 3DS might be on par with GameCube’s lackluster launch lineup, no?


  1. As I see the stuff, my first and only game will be Super SF IV 3D Edition.

  2. It’ll be Metal Gear Solid 3, Zelda 3D, Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, and maybe SSF IV, if I want. 😉

  3. in terms of launch games, I think that the games we will be most likely to see on day one with the system wil be Nintendogs + Cats, Steeldiver, Super Street Fighter IV and Pilotwings. We might even get Madden football, and Monkey ball as well. I can see those close to launc as well. I think that Nintendo will hold off on Zelda until near or after e3 as well as Kid Icarus will be a Summertime release. I think towards the Fall, we will get Mario Kart, Animal crossing, and Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracles. I would not say this is a lackluster lineup, it is just a slow start.

  4. Remember Reggie said during the Press event that there will be 30 games between system launch and e3. That is quite a lineup. Much better than the aweful original DS launch lineup.

  5. Oh yeah, and of course Star Fox 64 3D. Can’t forget that gemof a game. It look s really awesome on 3DS. The visuals look much better than the N64 version. I am aure there will be much more content on it added such as bonus levels and online multiplayer perhaps? I think Star Fox could come out either during the Summer months or closer to Fall.

  6. So excited about the 3DS. I’ve just written a little history of the gameboy on my blog which i hope you’ll all like http://www.growsunday.com/2011/01/a-nintendo-handheld-history/

  7. From what I know, OoT 3D will be a post E3 2011 release. At least we know they’re putting the effort to make this remake worthwhile http://www.brokenfuse.com/2011/01/26/loz-ot-release-after-e3/

  8. Some Raving Rabbids, most likely.

  9. OK, so it doesn’t have that many launch titles. It still has a ton of “shortly after launch” titles. By E3, there’ll be enough titles to make the 3DS a must buy.

  10. I recall Reggie saying that the 3DS won’t suffer from the early drought like the DS did. (And some of the titltes it did have were not so good…Sprung? Ping Pals? Oy!) My concern is that some of these 3DS launch window titles are going to be a DS game with a splash of 3D or something. I suppose this is inevitible but it would be nice to have lots to choose from.

    If there are 30 games released between March 27 and June 30, that leaves for about 10 titles a month. Not bad… better than the DS and I can see myself picking up Street Fighter, Clone Wars, Steel Diver, Pilotwings and maybe Rabbids (I love this franchise) during this time. That’ll be a good start.

    Then after E3 there’ll be plenty of games for the holiday season… the ones already mentioned (but I have to say STAR FOX! Can’t wait!) and everyone has to know that there HAS to be a Wario game to introduce the system… when hasn’t there been a Wario Microgame for a new Nintendo system? All I know is I plan on spending a ton of cash on this system.

  11. Not Steel Diver? Gamestop has it down as a release day title.