Weekend Discussion: Remakes, Good or Bad?


Recently, there was news of a Wii sports HD remake which made some fans upset that Nintendo is scraping the barrel for games.  I am in the camp that the online capability alone will be worth the HD remake.  Could you imagine settling some of the arguments on here with a quick boxing or tennis match?  However, on the flip side, Windwaker HD has had a stellar welcoming from Zelda fans.  Then there are the games that get a great welcome, but lose a bit of Nintendo nostalgia.  One example of this is Ducktales remastered.  The nostalgia factor is through the roof with the HD remake of such an amazing game, in fact it is one of the most perfect remakes ever.  However, taking away the Nintendo exclusivity has ruined a bit of the Nintedo-esque that brought so much greatness to the game.

What are your thoughts on remakes?  Should certain types if games be given a free pass, or should some never see the light of day again.  What about a Nintendo exclusive that goes cross platform?  Share your thoughts below.

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