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Now that the PS4 and Xbox One are officially launched, have both shown that they are not immune to issues at launch, and have made many fans giddy as a school girl.  So, our weekend discussion is a simple one.  Did you purchase a PS4 or Xbox One.  Did you experience any issues?  How would you compare the experience with your Wii U?  From your personal experience, is there anything that would cause you to believe that they are superior to the Wii U,  equal, worse, or each has its own uniqueness?

Feel free to share your launch party stories as well.  Such as your experience waiting in line, the feeling of picking the unit up, or unboxing at home.



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  1. Haven’t purchased either, but I’ve had quite a bit to try out the PS4, and have heard XB1 stories from friends.

    By most accounts, I hate to say that the games mostly fall in the “meh” category. Killzone and Knack (a game I -really- wanted to like) are very pretty, but ultimately boring. Ryse is slow -and- boring, which is even worse. No real standout titles so far, far as I can tell, which is disappointing.

    Consoles are good (assuming you don’t have any of the many hardware issues surrounding them — 2 friends had broken XB1 disc drives, 3 had PS4s that were DoA via Blue Pulse of Death), but the games are lacking so far. Not -terribly- different from the Wii U’s launch, I suppose, but I still feel I enjoyed the Wii U more. The PS4 just felt like the most base kind of upgrade.

  2. I purchased the PS4.

    The good:

    The unit’s software upgrade was fast and painless. The Wii U took a long time to update but I was doing it at midnight on Christmas eve with about 500,000 other people.

    The PS4’s operating system is remarkably fast. You can go from an active game to the homescreen and back to an active game in a few (like 5) seconds. The Wii U is frustratingly slow by comparison.

    The graphics (I’ve only played BF4) are a major leap forward. The Wii U looks like the 360 or the PS3. This is noticeably better.

    The new PS4 controller feels great. I haven’t experienced how the touchpad works so I can’t comment on that.

    The bad:

    The Battlefield 4 game should have been delayed. Significant portions are completely unplayable. Nintendo never would have released a game this buggy.

    Gone is the free online play. Admittedly, I think you get alot of value for $50/yr, but you need to keep that in mind if you get an Xbox1 or PS4. To have a fully functional system, you’re going to pay for it twice over an 8 year span.


    The PS4 is fast and produces great graphics. I never thought too much about load times until I experienced how fast this system is. Bottom line, if you like adult-themed games and you want cutting edge (for consoles) technology, the PS4 will work for you. I don’t think you need to rush though. Wait until the games get patched or until they release something you’re interested in.

  3. I didn’t purchase either.

    Now that I’m older and have a kid I finally have the patience to wait on the new systems. I’ve decided to adopt a creed by where I won’t buy a new console until it has 5 exclusive games that I have to play. Hopefully by that time a price drop will have happened too.

    It worked out well for me with the WiiU. I got a cheaper Zelda bundle that was awesome and I had 5 games right of the gate that I wanted to play (Pikmin, WWHD, Scriblenauts Unmasked, NSMBU, LuigiU, and ZombiU).

    Honestly, if Nintendo rights the ship a bit I might not even need the new consoles if the WiiU gets slightly better 3rd party support.

  4. BornFlunky,

    You know five people who have either a defective PS4 or Xbox1 (which was released yesterday)? Come on. The high end of the defect range is 1%. Let’s say Sony and MS have sold a combined 2 million units on day one. That means there’s about 20,000 defective units in North America. And you know five of these peolple? Statistically, that suggests you know 500 people with an Xbox 1 or a PS4.

    I’m pretty popular and I know 3 people with a PS4. Ours are working fine. My apologies if the failure rate turns out to be over 50%. In the meantime, I’m calling BS.

  5. @Gordon:

    Yes, I do, actually. Two of them I know personally, three of them are long-distance. Internet’s pretty expansive, y’know.

    For the record, I actually think this sucks. I still plan on getting a PS4 when things are fixed. There’s a lot of reports of it, regardless, to the point that who I know or not is irrelevant. It’s a thing.

    The post asked for our personal experiences. I shared mine.

    tl;dr: Can we stop with the petty attempts of discrediting? It’s a bit immature.

  6. I already got a WiiU so that’s off the list but I’m going to get a PS4 once more games come out for it and most of the bugs have been fixed for the console. Then I may get an Xbox One until they redesign the console or at least make it smaller and thinner look at it looks like a minimalistic 80’s VCR plus all the 360 models has detachable hard drives why not the Xbox One? and don’t get me started with the Kinect…

  7. For me, Wii U is fine right now. My wife and I and our friends and nephews play wii U al the time. With Wii u adn the 3ds, You can’t go wrong with Nintendo. I may get a PS4 once there is a price drop and better games. Most of the games on it right now from what I have heard are buggy and bad and are just plain boring. Nintendo games are never buggy or boring.

  8. Also, Nintendo systmes are bult to last. Just look at the Gamboy at the Nintendo World Store. It is burnt to a crisp yet it still plays tetris. 🙂 I heard of people already having the PS4’s blue light of death witin only hours of owning it. LOL

  9. I just picked up a Wii U Wednesday! Got the wind waker HD limited edition with Nintendo Land, and just picked up Mario last night. I’m Having a great time with it and many of my friends are getting one this Christmas season, so I’ll have lots of folks to game with online. Going over to my Sony friends house tonight to check out his PS4, but I just can’t see liking the games and controller as much.

  10. I picked up a Wii-U at launch. The update took about 40 minutes. Wasn’t pleased with the very slow OS transitions but now it’s perfectly fine. It does a ton of cool stuff. Now that TVii is up and working, it’s almost as good was what xbox one can do. In some ways, it seems even better. The biggest factor for me was backward compatibility and no required installs. I very strongly dislike being forced to install a game to the HDD. Who cares if the OS is 5 seconds faster when you lose 3-10 minutes every time you have to install a game. There’s no amount of snappy OS that can make up for that amount of wasted time. I’d rather wait 5 seconds here and 5 seconds there than have to wait 10 minutes to install a game I just bought and can’t wait to play. But most of all, I love the touchpad. It’s so easy, navigation is a joy. After the Wii pointer, I was spoiled. Using a controller to move around the screen and pick stuff felt so antiquated. I don’t want to be talking to my TV thought so touch pad is perfect. Also, I don’t want to pay an extra $150 for kinect. I’ll wait for price drops on both systems (probably $299) before I get either one. Plus, by then used games will be cheap for them.

  11. So I tried out the PS4 tonight, and I was not impressed. Felt the exact same as the PS3… Controller is not that cool, felt small and kind of cheap. The games I tried were NBA 2k14, Resogun, and Assasins Creed… The graphics were shinier, but again I just didn’t feel that it was worth the 500+ it would take to get in to one. I’ll wait for it to drop when it’s on the clearance shelf here in a month or 2 lol

  12. My plan (sort of) is to get a PS4 in the future when they release one with a larger hard drive, but I say “sort of” because after spending the weekend playing A Link Between Worlds, I wonder why I even need a console. I may not buy any of them.

  13. Hi Lou,

    The proper decision is to get a Wii U. They are having some great Black Friday deals on them this year, so there’s no excuse! It’s a wonderful system and the most fun you’ll have with any console!

  14. You must be new here Cactusjaq. The Wii U is the biggest disaster in the history of the company. Until they admit defeat and drop the gamepad, I have zero interest.

  15. i got wii u on day one last year and ps4 day one this year. no problems at all with ps4 for me or none of my 3 friends that also upgraded from ps3 so i also think born flunky isnt being honest here and my wii u sometimes makes a very noisy sound when reading from the disc but its not a constant thing yet and never affects gameplay. as for the games im waiting for 3d world to come in the mail i just ordered it and cant wait as 3d land was my personal game of the year lol on the ps4 front i agree there isnt a must have game yet but they will certainly come i buy the ps4 at launch for the promise of a better future and to support a brand ive always enjoyed and in the meantime enjoy the upgraded version of call of duty. ps killzone has been a MAJOR disappointment so far

  16. Re: Lou

    You don’t have to play the games with the Gamepad… All games give you many controller options, such as the Pro Controller, and Wii motes with Nunchuck, etc. So there ya go. Go get one!

  17. And there’s the issue. If I don’t like the gamepad (I have tried it) and most games aren’t utilizing it anyway, why should I pay for it?

    If Nintendo made it optional (and thus lowered the price), Wii U’s would begin to move. Instead, they sit on the shelves while PS4’s and Xbone’s fly out the door.

    But again, very happy with the 3DS. I see no reason to buy any console at the moment.

  18. One reason, “it’s Nintendo”. 🙂

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