Wario Ware Revolution?

In an interview with Gpara, Hiroshishi Matsuoka, creator of the Wario Ware series, confirms that he is working on new titles for both the Revolution and the Nintendo DS.

Could this be the first mention of Wario Ware Revolution?

[Source: Cubed3]


  1. the craziest game ever.
    Psychonauts is #2.

  2. Wario World will be awesome on the Revo controller.

  3. I want it to be something else.

  4. Wow slowly be surely we’re getting more tentative details about games that might come out for Revolution. I sure can’t wait to see what will be on preview next E3!!

  5. I’m honestly surprised there wasn’t a WarioWare: Bongo’d! for the Cube with the DK Bongos.

    Hopefully the Revolution version won’t be a weak port of the DS game. I was rather disappointed to see a lot of the fun stuff from the first WarioWare on the GBA was replaced with that lame elevator in the Cube version.

  6. Wario has a massive grundle.

    I needed to point that out.

  7. Thank you for that.

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