Wall Street Journal dissects Wii

I wouldn’t say yesterday’s Wall Street Journal article on the Wii is anything really new, but the fact that “kiddie Nintendo” is being featured in one of the U.S.’s most prominent newspapers is very significant.

WSJ also has some generic info on the Wiimote, for those who haven’t covered it 24/7 like we geeks at Infendo: “For months, engineers sketched more than 100 ideas, including a controller that could be worn on the head. They kept returning to a stick format that resembles a television remote control. The device relays signals to a motion sensor that must be placed near the TV. A second remote can be used for more complicated games, and Mr. Miyamoto suggested that other add-on controllers could be plugged into the device for games that need them.”

One new bit of news is that Nintendo is going urban with the Wii as well. The more the merrier, I say. “Nintendo also is seeking urban tastemakers by giving a series of Wii demonstrations at the New York offices of DefJam records, the Phat Farm clothing label and Vice magazine.”

Two weeks.

[Note: WSJ Online is usually reg only, but today this link worked for me.]