Wal-mart Wiily watching out for public safety

Confession: Scott wasn’t really sick this week. He and I were at a Wal-Mart, armed with some contraband Wiimotes, where we proceeded to swing them wildly about like some kind of wickedly stylish weapon at shoppers in the electronics department. It was a massacre. The ESRB gave us both an AO rating and Wal-Mart thus banned both us and Wii demo kiosks from their stores forever.

Ok, so Scott was sick and I’m full of it, what else is new? The truth is, Wal-Mart is rumored to have held off on installing Wii demo kiosks seemingly because they are concerned for the safety of its shoppers. Or its a timing issue and they’ll be here in 2007. Or Sony paid them off like they do GameStops. Who knows, but Joystiq’s reporting something has caused the largest store in the history of the known universe to decide not to have Wii demo units in their stores. They will, however, have Wii units a plenty. As will we all thanks to the Nintendo manufacturing Ninjas who have been assembling millions of them since July.