First Impressions: Wii’s elevator music


I was listening to the latest Infendo podcast today, and towards the end Scott and Blake started to talk about the Wii Shopping Channel background music (or maybe muzak, depending on what you think of it). With their playful banter fresh in my mind, I fired up the ol’ blog software and got to task with a post about not only the shopping music, but Wii Channels music overall.

You might not think it, but I’m sure countless hours went into generating and agreeing on a theme that would define everyone’s Wii console. Whether it’s the bubbly main menu music or the soothing, non-confrontational music gracing the shopping channel, these tunes have an effect on the overall success of the Wii. Since no one’s really complained about it yet (except Scott in the podcast), I thought I’d ask about everyone’s first impressions. I dig the bubbly themes, but how about you? Wii muzak; pass or fail?

[And, Valen, for the record, Bob Ross FTW]


  1. I like most if not all the music and sounds of the Wii experience. There have been times where I just leave the main channel music playing in the background while I get out some snacks or otherwise prepare for some Rayman party action.

    The things that bother me, interface-wise, are the odd load time between channels (seems like the system practically reboots itself) and the lack of notification in the menus of new messages/Miis. Sure the blue slot light comes on, but then you have to go hunting in the menus to see if a Mii was sent to you or if you received new message.

    Otherwise, they got the feel of the system down pat.

  2. I <3 the music, it reminds me much of katamari damacy. I think thats one of the first things my friends commented on when I got the wii on launch day. He loved the background music on all the channels.

  3. The first time I heard the music I thought it was corny, but after listening to it for a while it kinda grew on me. I was surprised to find myself humming it in class one day.

    I would have to say its a pretty good cool little midi they got there.

  4. I don’t have a Wii yet but I have heard most of this music in all manner of YouTube Wii videos, and I really like it. It takes something to get this kind of slightly cheesy (but in a fun, non-pretentious way), lounge-esque music without having it sound like smooth jazz. This isn’t really “elevator music”, because elevator music doesn’t have this sense of personality. Elevator music is generally like Kenny G, which this music is far from. I wish elevators had music this cool. For the record, I also like most of the Clubhouse Games music. I generally think Nintendo has its music style down pat.

  5. Resounding pass. Love it!

  6. I love the photo viewing music the best [the default music that is].

  7. Yeah, I’m a big fan of all the music, too. I can’t remember it off hand, but I hum the songs when I’m using my Wii. My mom actually liked the music when we’re making the Mii’s.

    One thing that is cool/annoying is when you first click on the Shop Channel. There is a huge surge of bass when you click on it. I love me’s my bass, but when you live in an apartment where everyone complains about the noise, I have to make sure I put my surround sound speakers at a low volume. Otherwise I get nasty phone calls.

  8. While I apprechiate most of the music included with the Wii, the one that bugs me the most is the Main Channel music, especially that SURGE of super high-pitched tube bells when it first starts up. It gives me a serious migraine and makes my dog bury his head under a pillow.

    I have to mute the TV when I turn on the system, until I launch a channel.

  9. The music passes as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t say I love it but it is the type of music that I don’t even really notice, and that’s the kind I want in a menu, so it seems perfect to me. It’s almost like an ambient sound rather than music to me (the main channel music, I mean).

  10. My favorite music is from the Mii Channel.

    It reminds me of Mario Paint.

  11. The shopping channel muzak is awesome, I think blake and scott said as much in the podcast. I don’t think scott critisized it.

    I’m from Europe, so let me hear it before the launch 🙂

  13. I like it. It’s almost not noticeable. My fiance LOVES it! She does homework while I play and noted that the music playing was rather soothing and unintrusive. She said the same about the Zelda music.

  14. I like what I’ve heard so far from YouTube etc. It reminds me of the music in Pilotwings64, which is one of the best things about that game.

  15. it would be nice to be able t make my own channel music and play it via the sd card. But then again I find it somewhat annoying after a while.

    Oh well.

  16. It’s awesome. That’s all there is to say.

  17. My favourite is the Mii channel music. It reminds my wife and I of the Zelda shop music, especially with that ending doot-doot-doot . . .

    I’ve also found that the initial sweeps of music in a few of the channels is indeed speaker-busting.

    =) webbie Bud

  18. A resounding pass from me also.

    Everything about the sound and graphic design on the Wii is absolutely well done. The only thing I hate is a total lack of a “splash screen”… How come the Wii is missing that? The splash screens have been the trademark of each console since the Dreamcast, and Nintendo’s have been very agreeable. Can we expect a splash screen later in the form of an online update? I hope so…

  19. I think splash screens are a waste of time. We know what system we’re playing. The Wii wants to get you into the channels as quickly and easily.

  20. I think the channel menu with the Wii logo is enough.

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