First Impressions: Wii’s elevator music

I was listening to the latest Infendo podcast today, and towards the end Scott and Blake started to talk about the Wii Shopping Channel background music (or maybe muzak, depending on what you think of it). With their playful banter fresh in my mind, I fired up the ol’ blog software and got to task with a post about not only the shopping music, but Wii Channels music overall.

You might not think it, but I’m sure countless hours went into generating and agreeing on a theme that would define everyone’s Wii console. Whether it’s the bubbly main menu music or the soothing, non-confrontational music gracing the shopping channel, these tunes have an effect on the overall success of the Wii. Since no one’s really complained about it yet (except Scott in the podcast), I thought I’d ask about everyone’s first impressions. I dig the bubbly themes, but how about you? Wii muzak; pass or fail?

[And, Valen, for the record, Bob Ross FTW]