And the Nintendo 64 Winner Is

First off we, at, would like to thank each and every one of you  for the overwhelming number of comments we received on the free Nintendo 64  giveaway!  Without fans like you we couldn’t share breaking news, personal gaming stories, and our opinions to the masses.  Your comments and support keep us going and will only help us continue to grow and improve.

It was great reading all of the comments and seeing how each of you remember your N64 experiences!  The N64 was an integral addition to the Nintendo family, and it is awesome to see that it is still as popular today as it was at release!

I am sure you are all anxious to see who the winner is, so lets get to it!

The winner of the N64 is…

Joe Adams

“I miss my N64. I have fond memories of playing all the Mario games and my brother beating Ocarina of Time because Ganon scared the bejeesus out of me! I remember playing Mischief Makers and “Shake Shake”ing everything! Playing Super Smash Bros. was how I dealt with crap at school and it allowed me to take out my frustration. I miss Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo-Kazooie (granted the latter is on XBLA, but money is very tight right now what with student loans and all). I miss Glover as well!

Every time a new Nintendo console came out, my parents made me trade to get the new console. So when the GameCube came out, I was sad to leave my N64… and even though I got the new console, my heart still had a void left behind from the cartridge days. Nothing compared, it was my own little escape. That is why I continue to play games today!

Oh and a big happy birthday to you! I feel as though we should be giving you something and not you giving us something! :)

Congratulations to Joe Adams,  and thank you all for your support!  And thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes!  Please be sure to spread the word and share your love for with your friends!

Joe, please send your mailing address to, with “Infendo N64 Winner” in the subject line.


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