Virtual Console retro game launch list

Today’s Virtual Console-related news was almost as exciting as yesterday, when I somehow got my girlfriend to watch the entire Blade: The Series marathon on Spike. Afterwards, she said “I liked it.” Yeah, I know, intense. But anyway, today we learned that a partial list of Virtual Console launch titles are in the hopper, ready for launch day goodness, whenever that may be.

The list, from Play Nintendo (via a “reliable source” …):

  1. Bonk’s Adventure
  2. Castlevania
  3. Duck Hunt
  4. Excitebike
  5. F-Zero
  6. Kid Icarus
  7. Legend of Zelda, The
  8. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  9. Mario Kart 64
  10. Metroid
  11. Mortal Kombat
  12. New Adventure Island
  13. Ninja Gaiden
  14. OutRun
  15. Pac-Man
  16. Prince of Persia
  17. Punch-Out!!
  18. R-Type
  19. Rayman 2
  20. Sonic the Hedgehog
  21. Star Fox
  22. Super Mario 64
  23. Super Mario Bros
  24. Super Mario Kart
  25. Super Mario World
  26. Tecmo Bowl

A good list, and one that showcases the various companies besides Nintendo that will be involved with the VC. One additional bit of info is that there will also be five completely new games launched with the VC. This goes in line with what Nintendo was saying about the VC being a relatively cheap platform for indie developers to get noticed. Oh, and how does one play Duck Hunt on the Wii…hmm, could this be a title that has gotten an “update” to work with the new controller? And I know the brains of Infendo readers are already churning with titles that got left off, so what would make this list even better?