Electroplankton: Online, World Store Only

[Correction: The Nintendo press release says major online retailers will also sell the game.]

Last week we learned that Electroplankton for the DS would be released stateside on January 9. Nintendo confirmed this today along with some unusual news: the title will only be available at the Nintendo World Store or purchased through Nintendo.com. While I’m okay with buying goods off the information super highway, many a people only buy from retailers.

I can only imagine what this will do to sales, but I honestly believe this was a calculated business decision on the part of Nintendo. It reduces distribution costs were demand is low while allowing those who want it to get it. Will you be picking up Electroplankton next January?

[Source: IGN]


  1. I’ll be on that like a rat on a cheeto.

  2. I’ve been considering buying the import for quite some time now, but I have held off.

    Please confirm for us what is exactly meant by ‘only available online’. I was under the impression that it would only be available via online retailers (EB.com, etc) and not actually Nintendo.com – at least, that’s what I gathered when I read this at IGN.

    Will it be Nintendo.com (like the Wifi USB adapter) or general online retailers?

  3. Nintendo.com. Only they are selling it, u can only get it either at their website or at their store in Manhattan.

    I think it’s a fantastic move. They’ve already got a buncha fans anticipating it and they knew that these r the internet types who keep up with everything Nintendo. They know that marketing it like other titles would be useless cause the ppl who want it will get it no matter what. Selling it online and at their store gives them more of the cut and it instantly becomes a somewhat rare item. Kinda like that Toys R Us game “Sneakers”, but unhorrible.

    That Nintendo World Store gets more appealing all the time.

  4. I agree with Rollin. It’s a smart move! It will give Nintendo a better idea of what people are willing to try since they have to make an effort to get the game.

    Me, I imported it.

  5. My mistake, it is actually online retailers AND Nintendo.com sellng the game, not just Nintendo.com. Sorry about that.

  6. Oh man Sneakers was bad. And to think my parents bought that with my Xbox. No wonder it was ToysRUs exclusive, it was to contain it!

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