NOE Gets New Reggie

After Jim Merrick’s departure from Nintendo, the company’s European branch was without a permanent senior marketing director– until today. NOE has appointed Laurent Fisher, former marketing director for Nintendo France, as their new senior marketing director (pictured). In December, Merrick was initially thought to be leaving NOE to go work at Nintendo of America, but ended up leaving the company altogether.

Additionaly, Achim Schmauss will be taking the reins as NOE’s brand manager. I don’t know him either, but he used to do marketing and PR for French publisher Infogrames.

[Source: Next-Gen]

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  1. Judging my the comments I guess no one cares.

    Maybe this guy can help get more stuff to europe. If they get cooler stuff than US’s 3 free issues of Nintendo Power for regerstering stuff like Japan, I may lay the smack down.

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