Super Mario Advance: Which is better?

Though Mario platformers are not my preferred Nintendo franchise, they are some of the finest games this planet has ever seen. *tips hat to Miyamoto* Case in point: Super Mario Advance 2 has pried me away from the very addictive Mario Kart DS for the time being. But hey, that’s a Mario game too, although not a platformer.

So what’s your pick for best Super Mario Advance on the GBA?


  1. IMO –

    Yoshi’s Island: the bestest 2D/2.5D platform game eva!

    The worst: Super Mario Advance / Super Mario Bros 2 (which I don’t even consider to be a ‘proper’ Mario platformer).

    Special mention to: Super Mario World as the best Mario platformer.

  2. The best for me is without a doubt the original Super Mario World, a.k.a super mario bros 4, in this case i suggest it is contained inside Super Mario Advance 2….if I’m not getting wrong…

  3. The Super Mario Advance games for GBA are the most confusingly titled series of games in the history of the world. How the heck is Super Mario Bros. 3 released AFTER Yoshi’s Island as Super Mario Advance 4? Why did they have to re-title the games? Why not just re-release them with the same titles? Blah.

  4. “So what’s your pick for best Super Mario Advance on the GBA?”

    I’ll let u know once i find each for 10 bucks someday.

  5. You can find all of them for a buck on ebay…the originals, that is

  6. Yoshi´s Island!!!
    No doubt about that. The style, the visuals and the variety simply blow me away.

  7. I’m just now playing through Yoshi’s Island, and it’s very good. but Mario 3 will always be one of my most favorite games.

  8. SMB3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> god

  9. Yoshi’s Island.

    Far and away my most favourite platformer and certainly one of my top 10 games. I still get excited when I play it.

    Even though I still have a copy for my SNES, I went out and bought the GBA version, so I can have it with me all the time – aaaaahhhhhhhh.

  10. Toss up between SMW and SMB3

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