Virtual Console Monday – Yoshi’s Island, Super Thunder Blade, and World Class Baseball

yoshisstory.jpgBringing their N64 offerings to a grand total of eight, the Wii Shop Channel now boasts the following additions:

Yoshi’s Story – N64
The evil Baby Bowser has cast a spell turning Yoshi’s Island into a picture book. Worse yet, the Super Happy Tree has been stolen, making the island dark and gloomy.

Super Thunder Blade – Genesis
In this follow-up to Thunder Blade, you’ll fly a new and improved attack helicopter in a series of attacks against guerilla armies that are bent on taking over the world.

World Class Baseball – TG16
Acclaimed for its steady game play, World Class Baseball is the definitive baseball game on the TurboGrafx16.

With the Post Season coming up quickly, World Class Baseball is a little tempting. Anything here tickle your fancy?