Virtual Console Monday – Ninja JaJaMaru-kun, Golden Axe III, and Lunar Pool

ninjajaja.jpgThree new titles hit the Virtual Console today, including another “import” title:

Lunar Pool – NES – 500 points
Lunar Pool takes the historical game of billiards and reinvents it with a unique and futuristic flair.

Ninja JaJaMaru-kun – NES – 600 points
Take on the role of a ninja called JaJaMaru and rescue the captured Princess Sakura from the evil Namazu Dayuu in this action-packed game, previously unreleased outside of Japan.

Golden Axe III – Genesis – 800 points
The once-peaceful kingdom so familiar to fans of the original Golden Axe is under threat once again. The Prince of Darkness has stolen the invaluable Golden Axe, taken over the kingdom and rendered its warriors harmless with an evil curse.