Revolution Name Coming Soon?

Rumor has it that Nintendo will announce the official Revolution name along with some additional gaming news in the coming weeks. The company officially announced that we should have a proper unveiling before year’s end, but sources speculate it will be within two weeks to coincide with Microsoft’s late November 360 launch.

Are you buying? Any last minute guesses?

[Source: N-Sider]


  1. I honestly hope it stays the Revolution, it’s almost neutral sounding and doesn’t sound weird or anything. Hopefully it sticks.

  2. I like Revolution too…. don’t know what else they’d call it. I don’t think it matters, since “Xbox” is the worst name I’ve ever heard and somehow that thing outsold the GameCube.

  3. It has always bothered me that a Revolution is the same thing as a 360… I would change it just for that reason. But I can’t think of a better name, either.

  4. That why Msoft kept calling 360 a Revolution around E3- to blur the lines.

    I’m pretty certain they’ll change it. I don’t mind, either.

  5. Revolution is a really awkward name. Even “Revo” is better. I hope they change it.

  6. I don’t mind if they keep it. I kinda hope they do, but that 360 comment made me think. I hope that they reveile another neat feature and the name coincides perfectly with that new feature.

    Here’s to hoping!

  7. Nintendo
    Nintendo Next (NN)
    Nintendo RS (NRS)
    Nintendo Direct (ND)
    Nintendo Shift (NS)
    Nintendo Domicile (ND)
    Nintendo Frontier (NF)
    Nintendo Expand (NE)
    Nintendo ON (NON)
    Nintendo Off (NO)
    Nintendo 720 (LOL)
    Nintendo System 5 (NS5)

  8. ooh, I got it.

    Nintendo Genesis.

    That’d be awsome 😉

  9. i played the xbox 360 two days ago (call of duty).
    as i thought, i was disappointed with the graphics… really disappointed!
    but i think it’s because of the new system and developers are not comfortable with it yet.
    so my answer is a definate “No”.

    for revolution names, i would say:
    Nintendo FreeStyler.
    Nintendo Universe.
    Nintendo Innovation (a la Revolution)
    Nintendo Gamers’ System.

    Apple-style names:
    Nintendo iPlay.
    Nintendo iON.

    but like most people, i like Revolution the best.
    they’d better come up with a super name or just stick with Revolution.

  10. I think Rev is cool…

  11. Nintendo Reset
    Nintendo Reversal
    Nintendo Revised
    Nintendo Rethought

    (Trying to stick with the “Re”)

  12. My personal bet would be on

    Nintendo Virtual System, a.k.a. Nintendo VS

  13. Ok, how about some good ones now? ^_^

    I got nothin.

  14. How about the Nintendo Evolution.

    Close enough to the name that people are used to… and the marketing options are a lot better, esp. for having 5 generations of Nintendo gaming in one package.

  15. You think if they do change the name, will there be “Revolution” jokes in games? (Sort of like all the Dolphin references on GameCube titles.)

  16. Let’s see:

    The Rev plays video games, DVD’s, retro games and is interactive.

    Call it the NESI – Nintendo Entertainment System Interactive.


  17. Nintendo Library
    Nintendo Emulation Nation
    Nintendo Zoo
    Super Duper Nintendo
    Something to do with Ipod, that would make it look nice
    And I really want to know what this secret that Nintendo is holding back on the Revolution, if anyone has any clever ideas dont be afraid to post them…

  18. Revolution is an AMAZING name
    Nintendo REVO will be also better than the original
    I can’t think of nothing else except that this is a Revolution all the way

  19. I suppose I’ll buy the 360 eventually, but I tried some demos, and there is nothing about it that makes me want to buy it right away (probably when Halo 3 comes out).
    As for the Nintendo Revolution, I’ll buy it the day it comes out with any name they put on it!
    The same thing happened to me with the GameCube and Xbox before: I bought the GameCube when it came out because of the games, and I didn’t buy the Xbox until after Halo was released.
    Never given a thought about buying any of the PlayStations…

  20. Nintendo Echo

    it’s just timeless. Imagine saying in 15 years the best console ever was the Echo.

  21. I think Revolution is actually a really good name for the system. MS did something funny when they called it the XBOX 360 (I was hoping for XBOX Next, but whatever)…they said “Hmm…we’ve got a PS 3 and a Nintendo Revolution…what can we do to top that? I know, a 3-60!”

    Revolution is good, is the only one that can be shortened to a decent nickname (Rev), and adequately describes the experience. I can’t think of anything else that would suit it better.

  22. yeah, i was gonna suggest “nintendo entertainment system.” it’s classy and timeless. ;P

    nintendo just has to make sure that in twenty years, the power light won’t start blinking from dust.

  23. I like the name Nintendo Revolution but it is sort of funny that Nintendo and Microsoft’s consoles have had like-names so far. But I have a feeling that if Nintendo was going to change the name it would’ve leaked out already. Who knows though. Hey you guys remember when the consoles had different names in Japan and America and they wanted to call the N64 the Ultra 64? How dumb was that?

  24. The name hasn’t been leaked cause it hasn’t been chosen yet.

    In answer to Rollin,

    A 360 is not exactly a revolution. A revolution is more like a turnaround, but to turn 360 degrees would leave you the same way.

    Yea, but u’d have to explain that to every single person. The gist is that they’re basically the same, and as you can see here, ppl will see it that way.

  25. I will bet my balls that it is going to be Nintendo Omni.

    Yep, Nintendo Omni. Mainly because if it truly ends up revolutionizing the gaming industry, it will be everywhere. Especially how it will connect people and be easily portable. Omni is fitting.

  26. The NintenDawn
    (They could not give it a name)
    The Inspiration Slap
    The Hype Box
    The Leaning Tower of Nintendo
    The Wireless Wonder
    Y-Fi Box
    The Nintendo Unspecific
    The Nintendo Dodo/ The Xtinction Box, if it fails
    The Revelation
    Nintendo Global
    Nintendo Univeral
    The N-Door
    Oasis (Try saying that after Nintendo)
    Myamotos Money Making Machine

  27. The inspiration slab?

  28. I bet when they do reveal the name it’s gonna be something no one could’ve thought of, and everyone will love.

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