Virtual Console Monday – Metroid, Shining in the Darkness, and Cratermaze

metroidgamepak.jpgA Month Of Metroid continues today with the release of the game that started the series.  Genesis and TG16 goodies, too:

Metroid – NES
The first installment of the immensely successful Metroid series introduces us to the hideous title creatures and the slick, cybernetic bounty hunter Samus Aran. With its deep and complex game play, excellent music and a rare sense of setting, it establishes a frightening ambience that will haunt and entertain you for a very long time.

Shining in the Darkness – Genesis
Dark Sol has vowed to reign over the enchanted Kingdom of Thornwood, and only you can stop him. You’ll move from battle to battle, solving puzzles and discovering secret items in this engrossing struggle between good and evil.

Cratermaze – TG16
Cratermaze is a comical action game set in a parallel world. With special items such as shovels and spring platforms, Cratermaze takes its game play to new heights, making for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Will you relive the original Metroid one more time?