Virtual Console Monday – Final Fight, Ordyne, and Mighty Bomb Jack

Three new releases for the Virtual Console this week:

Final Fight – SNES – 800 Points
There’s trouble in Metro City. The members of the Mad Gear Gang have kidnapped the mayor’s daughter Jessica and the clock is ticking.

Ordyne – TG-16 – 600 Points
The evil Kubota has kidnapped Dr. Tomari’s fiancee, Kana. Take control of Dr. Tomari and his ship in order to save her. Defeat enemies over a variety of landscapes spanning land, sea, and air.

Mighty Bomb Jack – NES – 500 Points
The sequel to the original Bombjack, Mighty Bombjack brings side scrolling to the series, and brings it closer to a platform game rather than the arcade / puzzle likeness of the first one.

Anything sound fun to you?

[Scoop courtesy of The Virtual Console Archive]