Virtual Console Monday – Cybernator, Alien Storm, and Monster Lair

alienstorm225.jpgI was disappointed to see that Cybernator didn’t have digitized graphics of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Cybernator – SNES – 800 Wii Points
It is the near future. Resources are dwindling, and the major powers of the world are in dispute over territory. Pilot the Cybernator G5-E for the 95th brigade of the mechanized marines and throw yourself into the war.

Alien Storm – Genesis – 800 Wii Points
Shape-shifting aliens have infiltrated the city, creating chaos and panic! Fortunately, a trio of heroes called the Alien Busters has agreed to wipe out the invading creatures.

Monster Lair – TG16 CD-ROM – 800 Wii Points
Join young Adam and Laura as they embark on a fantastic adventure in this comical action/shooting game. Featuring beautiful music brought to life by the power of the CD-ROM, the game consists of 14 rounds packed with cute monster enemies. [Also known as Wonder Boy III.]

What getteth thee?