Twilight Princess hands-on #2 ("priceless")

Go Nintendo had a bit more luck — and fun it would seem — with the hours and hours of hands on time Nintendo provided for them this week than did Kotaku.

Just a taste, before I send you over there to read the lengthy post:

“Using the Wiimote to control Link’s sword attacks is just too much fun. It worked for me 100% of the time. I never had an instance where I took a swing with the Wiimote/Nunchuck, and it didn’t register. The only thing that cause me any issue was within the first 5 minutes of receiving a sword. If Link has his sword sheathed, the first swing of the Wiimote will have him take it out, rather than swing. I didn’t even realize that I didn’t have the sword out at first”¦but once I noticed that there were no issues. It is the same issue that happens in all the 3d Zeldas. You have to have your sword out before you attack, and if you don’t, you have to go through the animation before you start your fight. So at first I thought that the Wiimote wasn’t picking up my movement correctly, it was actually my own ignorance causing the problem. Wiimote sword functionality is extremely impressive, and you might find it hard to believe how much it adds to the game. I seriously cannot see myself playing the Cube version and enjoying it nearly as much. I know that it is the same core game”¦and I would enjoy the story just as much”¦but the physical connection of actually feeling like Link is absolutely priceless. In my mind, the Wii version is the definitive version.”