Virtual Console Monday – Bubble Bobble, Light Crusader, and Top Hunter

bubblebobblepak225.jpgIf you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions yet, allow Nintendo to suggest a few: pop more bubbles, battle more medieval beasts and try to save the universe a little more often. New releases for New Year’s Eve:

Bubble Bobble – NES – 1988 – 500 Wii Points
Bubble Bobble’s release in 1986 introduced the two bubble dragons, Bub and Bob, and brand new play mechanics, with players defeating enemies by trapping them in bubbles and then popping them. (Developed by Taito)

Light Crusader – Genesis – 1995 – 800 Wii Points
Each day, more good townspeople of Green Row have been mysteriously disappearing, and beleaguered King Weeden summons the knight Sir David to investigate. Armed with his wits and his sword, Sir David must find the cause of this strange evil and save the citizens of Green Row before things get any worse. (Developed by Treasure)

Top Hunter – NEOGEO – 1994 – 900 Wii Points
Take on the role of either Roddy or Cathy, bounty hunters in this side-scrolling action game set far in the future when humans have colonized space. Can you prove yourself worthy of the Top Hunter name and help save the universe? (Developed by SNK)