Portrait of Ruin Update

Gamefront posted some info on Castlevania Portait of Ruin for DS and here it is:

-A painter is involved, hence the subtitle. Surprise surprise.
-Paintings are used to transport to different areas.
-PoR has a bigger focus on accessory/arms collection than soul gathering. Good move.
-The female protagonist is from the Fernandez family and has a platonic relationship with male protagonist Jonathan. Hanky panky sold seperately.
-Michiru Yamane is making the soundtrack.
-Action will be on the touch screen. The top screen will show a close-up of the enemy you’re fighting, stats, and the ubiquitous map.
-PoR will be larger than Dawn of Sorrow. Always a good thing.
-Enemy designs from Dracula X and Symphony of the Night are included.
-The PoR dev team is larger than Dawn of Sorrow’s, and it also contains members from Circle of the Moon’s team.
-The game’s engine is being revamped, stylus play omitted. Well done, Konami.
-Wifi will be included as either a versus or co-op mode. Both, please.

[transcribed by GoNintendo]