Virtual Console demos, please

Ars Technica makes a good point today in their review of the Wii that I’m kidnapping and posting here on Infendo. Hey, I’m a frickin’ posting ninja after all — I’d be negligent NOT to do so.

Anyway, another Virtual Console gripe I have, in addition to Blake’s point about Points from yesterday, is that you cannot demo VC games before you buy. Some people like to kick the tires before they put down their hard earned money, and I consider myself one of them. Sure, games like F-Zero are a sure thing, but what of the guy who’s never player Bonk before? Should he blindly buy it, only to be disappointed when it’s not to his liking? I say no, what say you?

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  1. D-Town says:

    I say check out this fantastic site for getting an idea whether a game is your style or not:

    Personally, I don’t really care about demo’s. If I want to find out if something works for me, there are plenty of flash sites where you can play any Nintendo or Sega game to try it out.

  2. ????? says:

    It’s called research people.

    If your gonna buy something, look it up before you buy it.

    Its like people buying some game for a regular console, you don’t have a demo for those games half the time.

    you go and read some reviews, and see some game play pictures or a video.

  3. Nick says:

    Well, they did get more money out of me this way. I did buy Bonk. I am tempted to hide it on my second Wii screen with the Forecast and News Channels.

    I will stop all griping when Ocarina comes out. I have never owned a 64. Too bad SFRush did not age well at all.

  4. cronotrigger913 says:

    When I saw the entry for Super Star Soldier last night, I asked on the Joystiq article if the game was good or not. Getting a gamers opinion on the game is actually pretty intuitive. Most commenters gave the game a thumbs up. I then bought it, and had a lovely time with it.

    But yes, I actually would like to see a demo for these games. Solomon’s Key sounds interesting, but I really need hands-on time with that one to make a coherent decision. And I hate using emulators because the sites for those things always bounce you all over the place, never letting you actually get the game. I usually give up after I get to the 5th site without finding any ROMs.

  5. mykie says:

    Most of us had the chance to “demo” these games when we bought them in the first place for $40-50.

  6. Shinn says:

    ????? pretty much hit it on the head. If you are unsure of a game then do a little research on it before purchasing it. It’s not Nintendos fault if you spend $5-10 on a game you know nothing about.

    Demos would have been great but nothing is better then doing a little research on a game. $10 isn’t an impulse buy.

  7. Jack says:

    Great discussion as usual.

    But, given the fact that the ability to demo things is built into in so many other mediums already, why not have it here? Especially if Nintendo is trying to reach people who may not have played the originals? iTunes, arguably the most popular and efficient digital music/video distribution software out there today, has 30 second demos of every song listed. I even think TV shows get some kind of demo, although I haven’t downloaded one myself, so I don’t know for sure. Do they have this feature because it DOES NOT work?

    I think in this instance we are all guilty, myself included, of assuming something is not necessary because we are so well versed in the medium to begin with. Demos would only make th VC more robust and attractive, so why not have them regardless of what we veterans might think of them?

  8. gambit says:

    I think demos would help out a lot with VC sales. And why not demos for full Wii games?

    However, really really bad people may just go get an evil emulator and test it out there. you devils.

  9. Kevin says:

    There is also the possibility that in the future new games will be developed for the VC. I think this has already been established, no? In this case it would make a lot of sense to have a demo, because it would be a completely new game…

    Demos sell games, especially if the game is good.

  10. Ryuben says:

    Kevin gets a gold star for that one!

    I completely forgot about the planned original content.

  11. Rollin says:

    Research doesn’t gauge how much fun you’ll have with the game.

  12. D-Town says:

    Demos for new, original content (whatever happened to the game the IGN boys were working on?) is all fine with me, but what is the point really? A review gives you what a demo doesn’t: a balanced overview. A game might initially be boring but reward you in the long run. A demo can’t convey this.

    I’d rather have ten new games each month than five + manpower spent on demo’s. Spit ’em out, Nintendo!

  13. Liraco says:

    That’d definitely be nice, it could definitely tide us over to buy games we may not be sure about. I don’t think it’d be too hard to implement, maybe just give them the 1st level as a demo or some 15-20 minutes of playtime. Though they made need to do soemthing else to keep people from downloading what is essentially a full game that is temporarily locked (as I’m sure someone will eventually find a way to crack it).

    Let’s hope something is done about it though.

  14. InvisibleMan says:

    Rollin is right: research does not give you the real feeling of how much fun you will have with the game, especially when it comes to games where you can use the Wii remote!

    However, demos are not economically viable for $4 – $6 items, since they have to be developed separately, it would add too much to the cost of the final product.

    And nick, given that you never owned a Nintendo 64, do yourself a favor and download Super Mario 64, will ya?

  15. duckhuntdude says:

    I’ve never bought a game for XBLA…

    …but I’ll surely buy not a game that hasn’t a trial version on Wii.

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