Guitar Hero III promises to rock your face off

IGN has the first hands-on impression of Guitar Hero III on Wii. Though I’m pumped for Rock Band (not so pumped for its rumored $200 price tag), this $90 original alternative on Wii sounds very appealing.

“The Wii version will be the only Guitar Hero game that will feature force-feedback thanks to the rumble in the controller, and believe it or not, in our hands-on, you really could feel the guitar shake to the beat when you rocked out with Star Power, as well as ‘buzz’ when crazy effects are going on in the game,” writes IGN. “We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Wii version top the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions in sales when they all ship this fall.”

The game supports 480p widescreen, online multiplayer (downloadable tracks still unknown), and of course, the audio advantages of having a Wiimote strapped to your guitar for off-screen pick sounds. Rock on.

Guitar Hero III hits Wii on October 29. Who’s buyin’ this?