New Super Mario Bros DS Screenshots

From Digg: “Nintendo has published some new screens and tons of art work for New Super Mario Bros. and it instills so much old school confidence.” The new media was released March 10, 2006 on

Did I say this game is going to be wicked-awesome? (That was for all the New England readers out there.)

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  1. I like how Nintendo just posted a whole bunch of screenshots of just the TOP SCREEN of the game on the DS…

    It’s like they are still hiding something from us in this game.

  2. I wonder how Bostonites pronounce “Mario”. Mah-eeo? Mawio??

  3. Does make you wonder what the bottom screen will do. Though it could be nothing, it just doesn’t seem like something N would do with the first new Mario game in years, not to mention the 1st side-scrolling one in ages.

    God am I glad I pre-ordered. This game is going to sell out so fast…

  4. That game looks wicked pissuh..

    Not that I’ve ever heard anyone on TV* say it, but I’m guessing “Mario” would sound more like “Mah-reo” than “Mar-eo”.

    *The majority of the Boston accents you hear in New England are only on TV commercials for furniture stores and car dealerships or by people going to games at Fenway or the Garden.

  5. Are you guys suggesting we don’t know what the bottom screen looks like? Check out the vids on IGN. The reason they’re not releasing a bunch of pictures of it now is that it’s, as you can see, fairly boring.

  6. Anon’s correct. It appears as though the bottom screen is similar to the Super Mario World “extra power up” box that was up at the top. IN this game’s case, I think you can have three stored items that you probably access by touching them.

  7. well it may not be a revolutionary use of the touch screen, but frees up the top screen to look as pretty and clutter free as possible. works for me!

  8. Have you noticed the picture is a new version of the level 1-1 of the origional smb?

  9. Woot woot. It’s great to see a new Mario sidescroller.

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