Video games to see best October in a while

PachterAnalyst Michael Pachter, Mr. Video Game guru himself, has cast down the tea leaves into his voodoo pot of stray animal bones and sees incredible October sales numbers not only for Nintendo, but for video games in general.

Most of the sales growth was driven by Activision’s Guitar Hero III, which accounted for USD 100 million in sales. Pachter’s estimate reflects USD 425 in sales from new platforms and USD 130 million in sales from current generation software sales.

Once again, in his estimate, the Wii will lead the market in hardware sales. He estimates sell-through of 450,000 Wii consoles, 325,000 Xbox 360 consoles, and 125,000 PlayStation 3 consoles.

And worry not about a weakening U.S. economy, dear readers, for Master Pachter predicts that solid software sales will continue well into 2008. No kidding, Pach, I could have told you that.