A Nintendo fanboy reflects on a press release

Wii respectBlake’s already posted a few thoughts on Nintendo’s dominance of North America today, but I thought I’d cut and paste the first paragraph of Nintendo’s press release on the news, and then reflect on it with unabashed love and admiration.

“Already riding a streak as America’s No. 1 seller of video game consoles, No. 1 seller of portable game systems and No. 1 publisher of video games, Nintendo added more chips to its pile in April ’ with not just one, but the country’s four best-selling games.”

No.1, No. 1, No. 1. Who could have imagined a year ago, even seven months ago in the days before the release of the Wii, that Nintendo — lowly third place and otherwise defeated Nintendo — would be in such a position; a position that could soon allow them to drive the direction of the entire industry? Regardless of your personal opinion of Nintendo and corporations at large, the company took a huge risk with the Wii and thus far it has paid off in spades. You have to give them a little respect for that. A head nod at least.