USB Connector Blue Screen of Death

From the article: “Apparently, even the Nintendo USB connector can cause a ‘blue screen of death.’ Rappateng on Flickr has experienced the issue along with some others in his write up and use of the connector. From his account: ‘The connector made such a mess of my laptop during the install… Try and shutdown, and my poor laptop just dies at a blue screen (pictured) until I hold in the power button to end its life.'”

Who knew the dongle could create such problems, but maybe it’s a local issue. Any readers out there seen this before?

[Source: DS Fanboy]


  1. Imagine the panic headlines all over the gaming world!
    “Dodgy Dongle Does Dirty Disaster!”
    But it’s probably not a major problem, effecting a small minority of users. Regrettable but inevitable.

  2. I agree, it’s probably an isolated issue, maybe a slight incompatibility probalem or some conflict with software. Blue screens happen even without the dongle so I’m sure there isn’t too much cause for alarm. They should howver see if there’ something in common that triggers the crash.

  3. Never seen that before… but then again, I’ve never tried the dongle on a laptop. Could it be because the laptop itself is connected to a network through a blue-tooth device also? And maybe it is not a high-speed connection? (You can only use the Nintendo USB connector on a computer connected to high-speed internet, you know…)

  4. I’m using my Dongle on alaptop running XP and I didn’t have any problems.

    The message that the user will see when they attempt to install the driver is that if there is a virus prog running or a firewall running, that they may interfere with the install and subsequent performance of the Dongle and the N-Wifi. I made sure to shut of almost everything that was running in the background before I did the install – – – and I’ve had no trouble.

    The Animal Crossing blue screen of death is another story…that F-in mole!

  5. Believe it or not it could be an IRQ conflict. 😉

  6. I believe NOE just released a patch for just such an issue.

  7. I could’t install the program on my home computer (XP) but I downloaded Version 1.2 and it worked first try.

    I am curious to see if that laptop was running Win2000.

  8. No BSOD, but it feels like I’ve had every error besides, and I still haven’t been able to get the dongle to work on my WinXP laptop.

    Perhaps those of us with wirelessly connected laptops are having problems because the dongle doesn’t play nicely with routers. Nintendo may have assumed that people who buy the adapter don’t have a wireless router in the first place.

    I wouldn’t have had to buy it if the DS would have supported WPA encryption. I just won’t open my router up with WEP to give the neighbourhood kiddies to hack at.

  9. And this is a surprise?


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