Rumor: Wii U Region Locked


Eurogamer has reported that they received confirmation, from Nintendo UK, that the Wii U will be region locked.  Now, this comes as no surprise since the Wii and the 3DS were also region locked, but it is a bit frustrating.  There is nothing worse than finding a rare, or obscure title at a flea market, or online, and finding that your system cannot play it because of the region lock.

I know that region locking is nothing new, but it is still frustrating that one country can play a game, while others have to wait for a localized release, or mod their existing systems to play.  What are your thoughts on this rumor, is it a big deal?

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  1. Pretty much a given. Not a big deal. Kind of silly, but oh well. I like my games in English.

  2. Did anyone really expect anything different? Seems like a load of senstionalist reporting to me.

    It would have been more news worthy if the Wii U wasn’t going to be region locked.

  3. I can’t say I agree with wither of the first two comments. Region locking has become a huge nuisance. There are a lot of games out there that can’t be played here because of region locking. Sure I would have to import the games to play them but why should I be ignored because I live in the US? Take Square Enix’s final mixes. the only way for me to play them is to import and mod my system. I want region blocking gone

  4. Region locking is TERRIBLE. I think they do it just to keep the eShops seperate.

    Some of my favorite Gameboy Advance and DS games where never released in North America. It was great fun to order them from Japan and struggle through without knowing the language.

    Once I get the Wii U and transfer everything over, I’m going to mod my Wii.

  5. But does this mean the online games are region-locked as well? Because if they’re still region-free, I don’t care.

  6. Cool

  7. They could have always gone the Sony route and had games region free but the store was only for a specific region. While I wouldn’t want to play many Japanese games due to not understanding the language, there are many games that the US gets that we don’t get here in Australia. And while it does only appease a minority of people, those people are a very vocal core kind of gamer, gamers that Nintendo said they were trying to cater to, but clearly they aren’t. At the end of the day, we will still all get the majority of the classic games released, but some true gems will go very missed by some, and that is a shame.

  8. Travis I wasn’t trying to say that the choice to make WiiU region locked was the right one. I agree that it’s annoying; living in England we’ve had some shocking delays in games for no apparent reason. So I would love it for Nintendo to drop all the region locking nonsense.

    The point I was making was, why is everyone so surprised that the WiiU will be region locked? And more to the point, why is every reporting on this news like it’s the megaton announcement, “ZOMFG! WiiU to be region locked! Did not see it coming!!!!”

    If Nintendo had announced that the WiiU wasn’t going to have any region locking then I could understand. As things are though, it must be a really slow news week to be getting so “excited” over this “news”.

  9. A real buzzkill and a bad move, considering how few games are getting localized nowadays.

    A bad move on Nintendo’s part. A cowardly one, dare I say. As Sony now makes all their consoles region free.

  10. The reason it is news I feel is that it gives a voice to the opposition of such an archaic stance with regions. No one is surprised by it, but how long has it taken Nintendo to listen to what customers want in the online area? And we still don’t know if they really have although all signs are leading to yes with the Wii U we can’t be sure until its here. The outcry about the 3DS being region locked after every handheld previously had never been should have been enough for any company to back down but not stubborn old Nintendo.