Update 4.2 is bricking Wiis, Watch out!!

11170_0 As many of you probably already know the latest update for the Wii was a full on attack to remove homebrew from the system. What the update did was install a whole bunch of new IOS (they’re like operating systems inside one big operating system) and update the boot sector of the Wii by flashing the systems nand. Which is dangerous since it can cause a brick if it isn’t done right.

Nintendo, however, released their update with what the homebrew community are saying was a “buggy boot2 updating code” which caused some updates to fail during the process. During the flashing of the nand. This unfortunately hurt consumers who did not have homebrew installed on their Wii causing their system to stop working or malfunction. While Infendo doesn’t condone the use of homebrew for piracy, we are just warning you so you can be weary of this potentially damaging update.

While Nintendo has no qualms about fixing your Wii if it’s been borked by this update. If Nintendo judges your console to be modified by homebrew or has a doubt about it not being pure. You’ll have to pay a fee to have your Wii Fixed which is around the 100$ range if not more.

Good Job Nintendo. Good Job.

[Thanks for the Tip Kale]

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