Unless you love party games, Wii Party probably isn’t worth $50


Wii Party is a fun game. There are a lot of game modes–more than Mario Party. Great music. And upwards of 15-20 motion controlled mini games you’ll want to replay often. But it’s hard to recommend at the full price of $50, unless you’re BFF with Mario Party or are looking for a replayable four player game. I’d say $40 is the most I’d pay. $30 would be a steal. What do you think?


  1. It should just be a $10 downloadable.

  2. It does look like fun, particularly since I really like the Miis, but I’d only get my money’s worth if I was going to get a ton of 4-player party use from it. So, for now, this one’s a pass for me. If it was $29.99, I’d pick it up just for the replayable minigames.

    That screenshot cracks me up: Those are four ticked-off looking Miis!

  3. I’m totally getting it this weekend. I am pretty much BFF w/ Mario Party series and I am hoping that Wii Party will make up for the lack of a new Mario Party. I am not going to believe that there will never be a new Mario Party game.

    Could call it Mario Party 8.5 (without the Mario, of course)

    Besides, I have a lot of GameStop giftcards from Xmas that I want to put to good use.

  4. I grabbed it on Sunday, and I’m really loving it. The modes are all really fun, and I like how you can see how long they’re going to take before you even start them. The minigames are pretty good, too, though they’re typically a bit short, but I think it helps keep the game moving.

    I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who has a few friends or some family who just want to have a fun night. Thanks to the Pair Games, even just playing with my sister the past few days has been a blast. Easily better than any Mario Party in YEARS. 😀

  5. im gonna get it because i have a couple friends and over the summer were having the mii summer games 2011 so im gonna need that for the mii games.

  6. im gonna get it because i have a couple friends and over the summer were having the mii summer games 2011 so im gonna need that for the mii games!!!

  7. “or are looking for a replayable four player game”
    Isn’t that the point of a party game?

    I’m getting it definitely. Party games wear out quick, but they’re supposed to be played in small doses.

  8. This is really a lot of fun. If you have any children, I imagine this would be a pretty big hit. They simplified the Mario Party experience, but kept the fun and humor.

    And the music is freaking addictive.

  9. just buy dokapon kingdom for cheap. no thanks.

  10. Erm…I prefer the N64 Mario Partys for that price. :/ I can get Mario Party 1 and 2 with the box and manual for about that much. And the last time I bought a ‘Wii-whatever’ title, I got burned. Luckily I sold it for about as much as I paid for it. (It was WiiMusic, by the way.)

  11. I will be buying this. I saw a great review done on GeekDad by a reviewer friend’s wife! She loved it as it is a game for the whole family.

    That is right up my alley. Even though I have never played a ‘Party’ game before, I am looking forward to this one.

  12. I’ve only played Wii Party for a a few minutes so far, but the minigames were very enjoyable, and compared to the newer Mario Party games, there was far less time in between games.

  13. yeah i am goin to young links house for the mii Olympics soon.