Did flushing money down the toilet on the Wii influence the price of the 3DS?

And by flushing money I mean, did Nintendo miss out on an opportunity to make even more money had they priced the Wii at $300?

Michael Pachter has an interesting take on the ridiculously high price of the 3DS.

They screwed up on the Wii. It was sold out for two full years! You just couldn’t get one,” Pachter said. “What was the point? They should have sold it for $300 at launch, and made another $50 for every Wii sold during that period. It sold so competitively in the first few weeks that it was going for $1,000 on eBay — and they absolutely don’t want to see the 3DS on eBay.

So what think ye? Is Nintendo hoping to cash in a little more on the 3DS and keep those greedy eBay entrepreneurs from stealing some of their hard earned pesos?