What’s on your holiday wish-list?

We’ve made it through November: you’ve stuffed yourself silly, survived the deadly mobs of Black Friday, and you’ll be eating leftover turkey sandwiches for a fortnight – but the final boss looms. Christmas.

It’s about this time, your friends and family will be demanding you provide them a detailed “wish-list,” citing that there are only “X” shopping days left.  What’s going to be on yours? Think about it – compile it, and ask yourself: are you surprised by what you chose?

I was.

Despite the release of PlayStation move, Xbox Kinect, and slew of big name titles for our hi-def neighbors (CoD: Black Ops, Fable III) I was surprised to find myself creating a list devoid of “HD,” unless you count a spare Xbox controller. No, only three video games found their way to my pen: Donkey Kong Country Returns, Sonic Colors, and Epic Mickey.  I’m no loyalist – I own every major console on the market – but it’s interesting to see myself running back to Nintendo for the holidays.

What’s on your wish-list this holiday season?