Under Rated: Kirby DS

Most people heard of this one, but it might have been overlooked due to the large number of the then up and coming choice games to be released on the DS. Yeah Nintendo had some TV spots running after the title launched in mid June, but it seems like Kirby: Canvas Curse for the DS slipped through many a people’s radar, mine included.

I just played the game for the first time this week. It is so creative. The gameplay and slick presentation is incredible. You don’t really control Kirby, rather you manipulate his environment using the stylus, and that’s all you use throughout. It works flawlessly and is crazy fun.

Let’s admit it, if a pink little puff ball doesn’t scream “kiddie,” I don’t know what does. But if that doesn’t bother you and you want to play a quality and extremely fun video game, go pick up a copy. If you’re worried it might jeopardize your adulthood, stick with Grand Theft Auto.


  1. I have not overlooked this game and will always remember it as the first or one of the first DS games that was close to a must-have. Many do overlook innovation sometimes and it is sad. However, since I have no DS and am planning on getting one for Christmas, this will be the first game that I will want.

    (Next to Trama Center and New Super Mario Bros.)

    My birthday was October 16 you know. It was a good day.

  2. Playing this game on my friend’s DS a couple months ago is what finally convinced me to buy my own. It’s the perfect conversion game to convince people what a plus a touch screen can be.

  3. And if you live in Canada, it’s on sale for 15$ Can (12$ US), at all Toys R Us!

    : )

  4. I just picked it up yesturday, at Toys R us for $15.00. what a deal! this game is great fun. Thanks again, Babble.

  5. The game still isn’t out over here..
    And I am still angry with all Canadians out there…12 bucks 😛
    I want that game since I first heard about it, but as always…no love for Europe…

  6. Don’t worry sturek. When I get into the gaming industry and make legendary games, I’ll make sure that Europe also can experience the greatness of my games.

    I will be working on games for Nintendo btw.

  7. This game was an early birthday gift! I love it. I let a friend borrow it and now I gotta hunt him down to get it back! ^_^

    It’s extremely creative and a great break from GTA: San Andreas!

  8. Canvas Curse was what Yoshi Touch & Go failed to be. It was fast when u wanted it to be fast, and slow when u wanted to be slow. Yoshi was always slow, and therefore boring quickly. The drawing platforms concept worked much better for Kirby.

  9. http://mozlapunk.web-log.nl/log/2906575

    And that was today’s shameless plug.

  10. Not only is Kirby: Canvas Curse easily one of the best DS games you can get, Kirby is more or less the best thing ever. How I love him.

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