Jared Blames Nintendo

Jared Fogle, the guy made famous by losing weight with Subway sandwiches, says that Nintendo helped his food habit back in the day. During a lecture at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Jared said his weight problems could be traced back to “the best birthday present of my life: a Nintendo.” Also, he “usually had one hand on the controller and one in a bag of chips.” Sounds like he was a busy kid. Nobody tell him about the Rev-mote!

Speaking of which…*out to lunch*

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. Perhaps Jared should go suck a rail. He is still a loser, and its not Nintendo’s fault that he doesn’t have self control

  2. like the bag of chips didn’t contribute to his obesity? Nooooo! Na-ah!

  3. Heh… You guys are mean.

  4. Today, Nintendo would get sued for that sort of thing.

  5. Wait wait wait… Nintendo made him go to a fast food joint and spend his money on junk food?

    That is BULLSHIT

    Nintendo inspired me to try and earn money as a kid to try and buy video games, I did MORE as a kid O.O

  6. He’s all slim now and he still goes around blaming other things for his own problem? How weak. He was a pig, perdiod.

  7. Just a FYI this is simply corporate propaganda. Subway are teaming up with PSP, just so everyone knows 🙂

    Oh Noes, Nintendo went with the largest commercial fast food provider in the world to provide internet access… FAT MAKING BASTARDS (note: Some of the skinniest people I know gorge on Mc.Ds, I personally hate their food but would have gone for free wifi had I not purchased the adaptor)

    Seriously, to any Canadians on here, go to Mr.Sub, it tastes 100000 times better and they have far superior vegetables to choose from when choosing healthy 🙂

    To any Americans… go to the facsimile thereof 🙂

    To anyone else in the world, just boycot subway 🙂

  8. Subway makes a 1.50 sandwich for 5.00. They are boycotting themselves.

    Let’s look into the future. When nintendo gamers praise Nintendo because the revolution controller mada them standup and waive their arms around so they because buff guys and get hot women and laugh at those fat Playstation & Xbox guys that didn’t have to move anymore since their console because the center of the house.

  9. became the media center of the house.
    my mistake

  10. did Nintendo make him ugly too?

  11. … Nah, the Nintendo fanboys who beat him for being such a douche made him ugly 🙂

  12. Wait, I’m confused. I thought that Jared guy snapped and killed his family? Something about not being able to eat anyhing but Subway.

    Guess I’ve been out of touch.

  13. funny thing is people like him give video games a bad name. I hope one day we see that kid that yells at her mom for chocolate milk while fragging turn his life around with the help of Subway.

  14. fat americans….
    eat trash and play videogames at the same time…

  15. Is he saying that if he didn’t ever play Nintendo he wouldn’t have gotten fat?????

    Next M$ will pay him to say that the 360 is heling him keep it off. ROFL!

  16. Don’t say all Americans are fat. We may have a higher obesity rate, but we also work harder and longer then any other nation on the planet.

  17. ” Anonymous said…

    Don’t say all Americans are fat. We may have a higher obesity rate, but we also work harder and longer then any other nation on the planet.”

    That’s quite subjective. Let’s not turn this into a country war.

    Back on topic, Jared sed it in a joking manner. Then again, that changes nothing, does it? ^_^

  18. Who ever said Jarred’s opinion matters.

    Pseudo celebrities think their opinions matter more than other peoples. Jared should have played track and field more often. Also his parents should have tried to teach him to stop stuffing his face and greasing up the damn controller.

    How can someone play old school Nintendo while eating? Wait…i use to play Super C and hold down the button to shoot while i drank a Coke really fast. Nintendo needs to pay for my cavities. My dad always drinks beer while playing Madden (you have to be drunk to enjoy that stroke-off game). Maybe he should sue EA for making a game that you have to be drunk to enjoy.

    Jarred just made it to my “If I ever have the access to a super laser I will vaporize (insert name here) with the satellite orbiting Earth that is armed with such laser mentioned previously” list. Way to go loser. You suck.

  19. Tell me it’s not true
    This guy weighted about 500 Kg just because it’s a dumb fat ass, no way to believe his problema came from a Nintendo
    Are we all a 500 Kg guys?
    I don’t think so!
    bullshit’s always around….

  20. yeah i don’t think he was saying nintendo is bad- just warning against being sedintary and eating junk.

    and yeah, americans ARE fat. but that’s a problem with self control, not nintendo.

  21. A lot of Americans are fat-heads. It’s completely different from being fat!

    Outside of that, maybe Jared was smoking some ganja while playing his NES, which gave him the munchies and that is why he put on the weight.

    Just a thought…

  22. Jared is nesecarilly blaming his problems on Nintendo. e is just stating that the decreased physcial activity and poor dieting habits while playing, contributed to his weight gain. He really dosen’t seem critical, as he calls it the best birthday present of his life. It just means that all things should me done in moderation.

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