Ultra Shiny Pokemon Trademark Supposedly Filed By Gamefreak

Ultra Shiny Pokemon Trademark Supposedly Filed By Gamefreak

Gamefreak has registered a trademark for “Ultra Shiny”, leading many fans to believe a new gimmick may be entering the wonderful world of Pokemon.

This supposed photo of the trademark was posted by twitter user @pokexperto on April 20th, and it does in fact translate to “Ultra Shiny”. However, the validity of the photo remains to be seen.

Ultra Shiny Pokemon Switch

This coincides with recent rumours that the newest Pokemon game for Switch will be announced soon for a November release. These rumours, which seem to stem from Nintendo Life, claimed that information about this 8th generation series of games would be announced shortly.

These rumours stemmed from twitter user @pixelpar, who claims to have inside information on the game. The user claims the games are being referred to internally as “Project Beluga”.

@pixelpar had earlier tweeted “For anyone wondering, Pokémon Switch materials have been undergoing localization since late Feb (possibly earlier). I’ve already had confirmation that it’s targeting a 2018 release. Educated guess (based on previous Pokémon localization timing) it should be ready for Nov/Dec” on the 13th of April.

They later followed up these tweets with the following on the 18th:

That is to say, perhaps all of the supposed information up until now is just a pile of rumours and speculation. We suppose we’ll just have to wait until this summer to find out the truth once and for all behind this next generation of Pokemon Switch titles.

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